Q: Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

2.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down to the floor. The cool air evaporates perspiration and creates a wind chill effect, which makes you feel cooler without affecting the room temperature. This allows you to set the thermostat at a higher temperature without forfeiting comfort.


4.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

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5.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

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6.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

Ceiling Fan Direction in the Summer To help produce a comfortable breeze or “wind chill” that cools the skin, blades should rotate in a reverse, or counterclockwise, motion. The air movement has the same comfortable effect as when you fan yourself with a magazine to get relief from hot, stifling air.


7.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

Look for a small switch next to the motor of your ceiling fan that directs your blades to run either clockwise or counterclockwise. Counterclockwise is the correct rotation for summer. Although the direction can vary by some manufacturers, check to make sure you have your fan set to the accurate warm weather rotation by standing below it.


9.Which direction for ceiling fan in summer

Adjusting the direction of your ceiling fan creates either an updraft or downdraft. Drafts created by a ceiling fan move stagnant air, displacing either warm or cold air to make the living space below more comfortable. Set Fans to Rotate Counterclockwise in Summer. As a rule, ceiling fans should rotate “forward,” or counterclockwise, in the …