Where is this ornate tiled building

Q: Where is this ornate tiled building?

Where is this ornate tiled building? Its dome is the largest of all in Erzurum. The double minaret, each 26 meters high, decorated with colored tiles, became the name of this historic work. It has a courtyard, 2 floors, 4 iwans, 37 rooms and a mosque.

Where is this ornate tiled building?

United Arab Emirates

The correct answer is India.

It is located on an area of ​​1,824 m² (38 mx 48 m). It is the largest example of a madrasa with open courtyards in Anatolia. The portal on the north facade is a complete work of art. There are fountain niches and two semicircular buttresses rather than the crown shape. Also noteworthy are the lectern of the brick minarets with 16 grooves and turquoise tiles, which seem partially destroyed. The cylindrical minarets that rise on either side of the crown door are decorated with brick and mosaic tiles.

The names of “Allah”, “Muhammad” and “the first four great caliphs” were also engraved on the minarets decorated with tiles. The plant decorations surrounding the door of the crown, the “dragon”, “tree of life”, “eagle” motifs within the thick molded panels are the most spectacular part of the facade. There are four reliefs to the right and left of the two-sided crown door. There is a double-headed eagle panel on the right.

The geometric ornaments characteristic of the first prominent element of the architecture of the Madrasa of the Double Minaret; It is mainly found on courtyard pillars, student room door moldings, and the front facades of iwans.

There are plant ornaments on the door of the crown, on the surfaces of the arches that connect the columns of the courtyard and the interior of the dome. The completed tree of life and eagle motifs on the front facade are thought to express power and immortality within the framework of Turkish Central Asian belief, rather than being a coat of arms. The courtyard is accessed through the portal. There are nineteen rooms on the ground floor and eighteen rooms on the first floor.

Courtyard 26 × 10 m. It is surrounded by arcades on four sides. It is understood that the square space west of the entrance was once used as a mosque. The arcades on the ground floor rest on thick columns. Most of the columns are cylindrical and four have octagonal bodies.

The rooms are covered with barrel vaults. The second floor of the madrasa is conceived as four independent groups among four iwans. It is not possible to go to another section without going down to the first floor. The cells (rooms) on the second floor are also rectangular like those on the lower floor. Made of crushed stone, it is covered with a cradle tone. The different shapes on the top of the lower floor doors are not found in the upper floor doors.