Q: Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

1.Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

England – Today, cheddar is the second-most popular cheese in the U.S. behind mozzarella, but its origins date back more than 800 years to 12th-century England. According to popular legend, the cheese was discovered in a small town in Somerset named Cheddar Village, where farmers used gorges and caves to keep their milk cool on hot days.


4.Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

It All Begins In Europe: Cheddar Caves There were caves in the surrounding area of Cheddar and they were perfect for a natural cheese making process. In fact, it is believed the first of this delicious variety was made in these caves. A young maid is said to have stored milk in some of the caves and came back to find there was a mass in the milk.


5.Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

The cheese originates from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, south west England. Cheddar Gorge on the edge of the village contains a number of caves, which provided the ideal humidity and steady temperature for maturing the cheese. Cheddar cheese traditionally had to be made within 30 mi (48 km) of Wells Cathedral.


7.Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

The first records of cheeses produced at the area of Cheddar village comes from late 12th century, with record of the King Henry II describing purchase of more than 4.5 tons of cheese. Similar record was also saved form King Charles I whose reign was between 1600 and 1649.


8.Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

De plus, Does cheddar cheese have to come from Cheddar? Cheddar is, in fact, a generic name and so, unlike some cheeses produced in parts of Europe or Asia, it can be produced anywhere. It originated in Somerset around the late 12th century, from the Gorge or caves in the town of Cheddar that were used to store the cheese.