Q: What happened to zoraida sambolin

1.What happened to zoraida sambolin

2013 was a big year for Zoraida Sambolin, full of ups and downs. After launching her career as a freelance news anchor for broadcasts such as WMAQ-TV and WSNS-TV, Zoraida was eventually promoted to weekday anchor of NBC News 5 Today , alongside co-anchor Rob Elgas.


2.What happened to zoraida sambolin

What Happened to News Anchor Zoraida Sambolin All people have their favorite news anchors, and Zoraida Sambolin has undoubtedly made her mark with the NBC 5 news today workforce. Zoraida’s lengthy resume involves the actual fact she grew to become the first Chicago on-air broadcaster to work at both English and Spanish news stations at the …


3.What happened to zoraida sambolin

Zoraida Sambolin. 29,732 likes · 51 talking about this. Mom. Wife. Breast cancer survivor. NBC5 News Today co-anchor. Grateful.


4.What happened to zoraida sambolin

Zoraida Sambolin, an Emmy winning journalist, is the Weekday Edition co-anchor of NBC 5 News Today. She rejoined the morning team in March of 2013 after spending two years as co-anchor of CNN‘s …


7.What happened to zoraida sambolin

Zoraida Sambolin divorce, married, net worth, nationality, legs, husband | Zoraida Sambolin is an American Journalist and famous Newscaster, who was born on 10th July, 1965. She was the host of Early Start of CNN and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After the completion of graduation from Loyola University, she started her career in journalism, in Chicago, PBS station.


9.What happened to zoraida sambolin

Zoraida Sambolin is a name you recognize if you watch the news. More specifically, her name is recognizable to anyone who watches NBC. She’s a news anchor who has been in the television industry …