Q: What happened to juelz santana teeth

1.What happened to juelz santana teeth

What happened to Juelz Santana’s teeth? He has reportedly dealt with some serious dental problems in the past. Longtime fans of Juelz and The Diplomats (endearingly referred to as Dipset) are likely already familiar with the rumors that Juelz has had problems with his front teeth, but the exact reasoning behind why seems to have something to do …


4.What happened to juelz santana teeth

Early in November, Juelz Santana released a video for “Sauce Boyz” as part of The Diplomats (AKA Dipset). But 50 Cent noticed something odd when Juelz took his turn rapping: there were several teeth missing. He Instagrammed a capture picture of Juelz with his gap showing. As part of the caption, he joked, “just say no to drugs.”.


5.What happened to juelz santana teeth

MTO Staff. Publish date: Nov 11, 2018. Rapper Juelz Santana lost almost all his front teeth, MTO News has learned. New pics began circulating of the NY rapper yesterday, showing him with NO front teeth. Many suspect that Juelz lost his teeth as a side effect to his alleged drug abuse.


6.What happened to juelz santana teeth

Juelz Santana Displays His Teeth After Being Clowned Into Toothless Oblivion. Juelz Santana left lots of folks perplexed after he was seen around the internet seemingly with missing teeth last week. The 36-year-old rapper appeared in a video with the rest of his Dipset pals when fans noticed supposed teeth missing in his mouth.


7.What happened to juelz santana teeth

Juelz Santana made headlines over the weekend and became the butt of many jokes after a screengrab from Dispet’s “Sauce Boyz” video seemingly showed him with a row of missing top front teeth. Twitter, of course, responded with a bunch of jokes, memes and questions:


8.What happened to juelz santana teeth

Juelz lost his teeth a few years ago and his drug issues explain why. Cam’ron previously accused Santana of being addicted to lean but Santana denied the accusations. Juelz Santana Proposes To Kimbella. Juelz finally put a ring on it! In the video above, Kimbella explains that she’s been through ups and downs in her relationship with Santana.