American rock band wrote and performed the song ‘Africa’

Q: What American rock band wrote and performed the song ‘Africa’?

What American rock band wrote and performed the song “Africa” is a song by American rock band Toto, the tenth and final track on their fourth studio album Toto IV (1982).

‘Africa’ is a song recorded by the American rock band Toto. The text of ‘Africa’ captures the dilemma of a boy who has to choose between his two loves: the African continent and the girl he finds there.

What American rock band wrote and performed the song ‘Africa’?

A Toto
B Rosanna
C Kansas

Toto’s biggest hit came on its fourth album, Toto IV (1982). It reached number one on the US charts and has since been certified six times platinum.

The correct answer is Toto.

Song co-writer David Paich (keyboardist and lead singer of Toto) said he was inspired to write the song when, in the early 1980s, he watched a documentary about ‘death and suffering’ that plagues many people in Africa.

Toto – Africa (Official HD Video)

According to Paich, the horrifying images of suffering lingered in his mind for a long time, forcing him to imagine what he would feel and what he would do if he had the misfortune to be there.

‘Africa’ actually has a number of interpretations, one of which is an invitation to plunge into a situation of terrible death and suffering, as was the case in Africa when writing the song, and to determine what one would do.

More information on the text of ‘Africa’

In a 2015 interview, Paich said the song is about a man’s deep love for Africa. Three years later, the songwriter went on to describe the song as one about someone flying to a distant land (apparently Africa) to meet a lone missionary there.

FYI: Growing up, Paich was enrolled in a Catholic school and many of his school’s teachers often traveled to Africa where they worked as missionaries. And this inspired the lyrics ‘I bless the rains in Africa’.

Chorus of

The line ‘I try to heal what is deep inside, scared of this thing that I have become ”It is a personal reflection. Here, the singer sees the need to take a break from his work and devote some time to other important things in life – like getting married, having children, etc.

Paich confirmed the meaning of this phrase in an interview with which he had SongFacts. In the interview, Paich said that at the time he wrote the song, it was at a time in his life where he had become so immersed in his music career that he felt he was becoming a victim of his career. of him.

Because of this, Paich said he couldn’t go out to focus on the important things in life that people his age were busy with, like getting married and starting a family.

Music video

The ‘Africa’ music video was directed by famed Irish filmmaker and music video director Steve Barron. In the music industry, Barron is famous for directing major music videos such as the following:

‘Billie Jean’ By Michael Jackson
‘Face me’ From a-ha
‘Money for Nothing’ By Dire Straits.
He also directed Toto’s 1982 global hit ‘Rosanna’

Interesting Facts About Toto’s ‘Africa’
“Africa” was written by David Paich and the famous American drummer, songwriter and music producer Jeff Porcaro. FYI: Porcaro died at the premature age of 38 of a heart attack caused by the use of cocaine.

His tragic death occurred on August 5, 1992 (about 9 years after the release of “Africa”). In 1993, he was posthumously awarded an induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame.

At the time the song was written, none of the writers had been to the African continent.

The production of the song was handled by Toto.

The song was officially released in Europe on May 10, 1982 and in the United States on October 30, 1982. It was the third single from the band’s fourth studio album titled Toto IV. The entire project won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year at the 1983 Grammy Awards.

In place of Toto singer Joseph Williams, Paich performed lead vocals on this track, making it one of the few Toto songs in which he sang lead vocals.

Achievements of ‘Africa’

‘Africa’ was Toto’s first number 1. To this day, the song is the band’s only number 1 hit.

The song reached number 1 on the US Hot 100 chart and number 3 on the UK singles chart.

The track, which is arguably Toto’s most famous song, was one of the most famous and successful global hits of the 1980s. According to Toto members, they never expected the song to be as successful as it eventually became.

Has ‘Africa’ won a Grammy Award?

Despite being a huge global success, ‘Africa’ has never won a Grammy. However, the album (Toto IV) on which the track appeared won up to 6 Grammys at the 1983 Grammy Awards, including the aforementioned ‘Album of the Year’.

The lead single from the album ‘Rosanna’ also won the Grammy for the record of the year in 1983.

Which artists have tried ‘Africa’?

Since the song was released in 1982, it has been sampled by several artists, including rapper Nas and singer JoJo. One of the most important songs featuring a champion of ‘Africa’ is the 2003 hit ‘Murder Reigns’ by American rapper Ja Rule.

Which artists have covered “Africa”?

Since the song was released in 1982, it has been followed by several artists. One of the most famous covers was released by the American rock band Weezer. The band released a cover of the song on May 29, 2018. This was after a social media campaign to get the band to cover the song was launched in December 2017 by a 14-year-old fan.