Q: Big brother spoilers who won hoh

4.Big brother spoilers who won hoh

Big Brother 23 spoilers: Who won Head of Household (HoH), week 6? Big Brother August 13, 2021. … We’d also argue that the presence of the High Roller’s Room, the new twist within the Big Brother 23 game, makes this HoH all the more important. If you’re unsure how this twist is going to play out over the next few days, just go ahead and …


7.Big brother spoilers who won hoh

‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest Christian Birkenberger | Cliff Lipson / CBS / Getty Images ‘Big Brother 23’ fans see something ‘off’ in team draft. The episode ended with the house guests set up for the HOH Wall contest. The wall was immediately tilted at an angle that shocked them. Fans did not get to see the entire match.