Q: A “regatta” refers to what kind of sporting event?

4.A “regatta” refers to what kind of sporting event?

Crew simply refers to a rowing team. It is an American term used more popularly in collegiate rowing. An erg is the stationary rowing machine used at the gym. The regatta is the competition, or race. This term is used in rowing, sailing, and other water sports.


5.A “regatta” refers to what kind of sporting event?

The Head of the Trent is the annual rowing regatta and alumni homecoming held at Trent University. The name ‘Head of the Trent’ refers to activities taking place at both the regatta and the homecoming, including the head races, social events and varsity sports games. It is the only homecoming in North America that features rowing as the hallmark event.


9.A “regatta” refers to what kind of sporting event?

The front section of a shell; the first section of the shell to cross the finish line. Bow ball. A small, soft ball no smaller than 4 cm diameter securely attached to a rowing or sculling boat’s bow. Primarily intended for safety, but also used in deciding which boat crossed the finish line first in very close races.


10.A “regatta” refers to what kind of sporting event?

MARION BERMUDA RACE. Boat racing can be a high-tech endeavour in the 21st century. But the biennial Marion Bermuda Race takes the sport back to its roots. Founded in 1977, the race challenges yachters to make the 645-mile journey from Buzzard Bay in Marion, Massachusetts to David’s Head in Bermuda using only the stars as their guide.