“Purrfect Match” in the animal shelter: dogs and cats should be paired up at Tinder

“Purrfect Match” in the animal shelter: In Munich dogs and cats are now to be paired up at Tinder

The Munich animal shelter wants to bring dogs and cats to the right owner on the dating app Tinder. It should start on time for World Cat Day. But the action has a sad background.

Anyone who is in Munich on Tinder could soon find out about “Captain Kirk “or” Joshi “. These are not curious nicknames, but rather cute residents of the Munich animal shelter. The project called “The Purrfect Match” is scheduled to start on August 8th – International Cat Day. Then the animal profiles should go online on the dating platform. 15 Animals are professionally staged and photographed.

The animals can be found using the Tinder app. Agency employees can also search for and contact new owners. But the animals are not unpretentious. Dog Joshi demands: “It’s best if you don’t have any children, they are too exhausting for me.” The cat Captain Kirk “prefers to be outdoors”.

Dogs and cats should find great love on Tinder If there is a match, a chatbot takes over the conversation. “In the chat first questions are clarified, for example whether the person owns a garden,” said a spokeswoman for the animal welfare association on Thursday. When there is a “spark” between animals and humans, there is a first date at the animal shelter.

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Whether the two are compatible should only be decided after an intensive phase of getting to know each other. This is to prevent the relationship from falling apart again quickly. Because the action has a sad background: Just in time for the beginning of the summer vacation , the animal shelters across the country fill up. The pandemic has also exacerbated the situation, according to a press release.

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