Public service: teleworking would have reached a “historic peak”

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The “historic peak” was observed on Thursday, January 6, estimated the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service, Amélie de Montchalin. In two years, more than 448.000 people have been equipped to telecommute.

By 6medias Published on 12/01/2017 at 18h30

Telework in the public service is progressing and a “historic peak” was observed on Thursday January 6, estimated the minister Amélie de Montchalin, Friday 14 January, during a trip to Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). Last week, 38% of agents who can telework did so “three days or more” against 30% during the last period when teleworking was compulsory, “in the spring”, she said, while “68% of them teleworked at least one day ” vs 55% in spring.

The health protocol in companies provides since January 3, for three weeks, that employers set “a minimum number three days of teleworking per week, for positions that allow it”. “Enormous progress” has been made in the public service in terms of teleworking for two years, underlined Amélie de Montchalin, going from 94.000 people equipped to telecommute at “more than 400.01”.Avoid “a degraded public service for the French”

The Minister had announced last week of its desire to enforce teleworking in the State civil service. She also indicated that “the incidence rate among public officials is not different from the incidence rate in the national population”, during this visit to the social action service of the prefecture and then to the Primary Fund of ‘Health Insurance.

A follow-up takes place “every week” with the Prime Minister “so that we can detect, anticipate, manage this continuity (of the public service, editor’s note), to ensure that the absence of public officials does not lead to a degraded public service for the French”, assured Ms. de Montchalin.