PUBG Mobile free e Pin codes 2021


To activate your PUBG Mobile UC code, you must first sign in to Midasbuy. When registering for midasbuy, you can become a member by entering a valid email address and a date of birth over the age of 18. go to the page.
Log in to Midasbuy by clicking the login/registration button. (If you are not a member; from the registration section become a member.)
Enter your character ID in the game in the” player No verification “field and click” OK ” to log in. Wait for your in-game username to appear in this field.
In the field titled EPIN, which says “Please enter the e-pin code”, enter the PUBG Mobile UC code you purchased from and click “OK”.
Click on the” Submit “button in the” swap details ” window.
After the “successful purchase” warning that you will see on the next screen, your installation was successful and added to your UC account as much as you purchased. Enjoyable games.

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