PSG have exploded all records since the arrival of Lionel Messi!

Since Lionel Messi arrived at PSG, the landscape of French football has been completely changed: Ligue 1 interests the whole world, PSG now has the best players in the world, and championship clubs and spectators alike. ‘still can’t get over it.

But it is the PSG brand that is reaping the benefits of this historic recruitment!

1 million jerseys sold

As reported by , the business part of the capital club has totally exploded ! Whether it was jersey sales, partnerships, ticket sales or social media followers, the numbers were unimaginable before last August.

The PSG sponsorship director, Marc Armstrong , told about the Argentinian’s impact on the capital club’s finances.

We immediately had a significant increase in offers and even before he officially signed in Paris, there were a lot of requests. We really felt an impact in all of our business areas: from sponsorship and merchandising to hospitality and ticketing. Our community is also at an all-time high, with 150 millions of social media fans. This is definitely the best jersey launch in terms of sales with at least an increase in demand from 20 to 40%. Marc Armstrong did not wish to confirm this figure, but it would be more than a million jerseys that would have been sold in 4 months!

The sponsors are lining up

Before the arrival of the Pulga in Paris , the sponsors brought in between 3 and 5 million per year. For 4 months, the gauge has increased and it takes between 5 and 8 million euros in profits! And partnership requests are increasing day by day, not to mention the negotiations for contract renewals.

The impact on ticketing was obviously also fantastic: the Parc des Princes rarely has free places, and the demand only increases around each match. the number of registrations has been multiplied by 8 at the box office, when there is no longer even a limit for the price of tickets resold on the secondary market.

Marc Armstrong did not hidden that the prices could increase further …

It would not be surprising if the prices increase. This is a point on which we are working. In the general public areas of the stadium, we are nevertheless committed to keeping prices affordable to allow all our fans to enjoy the Paris Saint-Germain experience. Despite the very “business” turn taken by the arrival of Lionel Messi , more and more fans have followed. On social networks, the influence was very strong: the PSG won 15 millions of subscribers on the networks in the first week after the arrival of the Argentinian. The club earns nearly a million each week.

If the Messi soap opera is far from over for the economy of PSG, it would be good if it started in terms of results: less impacting on the field than in the cash registers, Lionel Messi has so far disappointed PSG fans who expected more involvement and results than what he has shown so far. La Pulga has only scored 6 goals in 15 matches since his arrival. Figures much less impressive than those that its interest generates on the financial side …