PS5: find out how to launch the console's secret web browser

The PS5 integrates, like the PS4, a web browser. But the latter is really hidden in the maze of the operating system in Sony’s latest console. The latter seems to be above all an essential system component for rendering content from the web. It therefore presents itself as an extremely simple and limited program.

The presence of a setting related to web browsing in the System Settings nevertheless suggests that Sony will soon offer a more complete browser on the PlayStation 5 Nevertheless, it is not known at this stage on what date or horizon Sony will actually offer the program on its consoles. It must be said that so far Sony has rather dragged its feet on the arrival of certain new features.

How to launch the secret browser of the PlayStation 5

We think in particular of the “faceplates” these alternative shells, which took months to arrive. Implementing a full web browser is certainly not Sony’s top priority. There is a bug-based trick that allows this browser to launch. Before starting, it is essential to have at least one friend in your friends list.

You can also create a second account and add yourself as a friend to complete the manipulation. In any case, the friend in question must be prepared to receive messages to which he must not reply.

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Here’s how:

Press the button PS of your DualSense controller The Control Center is displayed – go to Game Base Select one of your friends to send him a message Send him the address

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A hypertext link will then be generated in the message window:

Click on the link The PS5 secret web browser will then open As you opened with this method you can then launch a search and thus access any site. Of course, to go directly to a specific site, it is also possible to simply send its URL to a friend. In the same way as with, a hyperlink will be generated – click on it to open the browser to this page.

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Note that it is possible to pin your favorite sites on the right or left of the screen to display multiple instances of the browser. To do this, simply go to the Options and select Pin to side.