Prix ​​de Belgique: Three last tickets for the Prix d'Amérique

Last of the six qualifying races for the Prix d’Amérique (30 January), the Prix de Belgique is scheduled for this Sunday 16 January at the Hippodrome de Vincennes and will offer three tickets for the Harnessed Trotting World Championship.

Fifteen trotters aged 6 at years will compete over the distance of 2850 meters in the Prix de Belgique. Third in the Prix d’Amérique last year, Gu d’Héripré has just made a pleasant comeback after several months of absence due to injury and looks formidable here. It is one of the strong points of support to finish in the top three. A podium that will also be targeted by Violetto Jet, his training companion, Feydeau Seven, brilliant winner recently, Diable de Vauvert, to resume, Chica de Joudes or even Feliciano. Already qualified, Rebella Matters and Davidson du Pont should play their card thoroughly. Which should not be the case for Galius, Cokstile and Délia du Pommereux.

Frédéric Kita Reporter RMC Sport