“Prince charming exists”, on a cloud, Julie Andrieu lifts the veil on the man who shares his life

A princess saved from her tower by Prince Charming. Happy and fulfilled in her private life, Julie Andrieu says she has found Prince Charming. Sorry girls, there was only one, and it was the host of France 3 who got hold of it.

Guest at the microphone of Jordan de Luxe on Non stop people, the one who presents the Notebooks of Julie confided in about her little family and her relationship with Stéphane Delajoux. Surgeon for many big stars, such as Johnny Hallyday, he is also the doctor of the heart of the pretty Julie Andrieu since their meeting, ” I had the chance to meet the prince charming. ‘always said that it did not exist… That it was necessary to unlock the fantasies of little girl. “, before giving infinite praise, defining him as a man “caring, present, funny, intelligent, courageous. He faces situations and does not push back to the next day or to later. Who is not particularly jealous, but at the same time still enough.”

This could perhaps reassure those who are still looking, and desperately for the rare pearl, ” So I would like to reassure the little girls, prince charming exists, in any case, I have met one “. However, and fortunately, Stéphane Delajoux does not only have qualities … especially when he is behind the stove “With one point t not too much of a culinary view “. This is what we call a sign of fate since Julie Andrieu is a recipe pro!

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