Primordial Waters: a return to the roots of perfume – Money

Unpredictable Particles, Perpetual Moment, Memory of the Future, Intuitive Mechanics, Reasoned Abstraction… These intriguing names are none other than the names of perfumes imagined by Arnaud Poulain. Each of the fragrances echo its attraction for the sciences but also its literary inspirations, starting with the name of the brand “Les Eaux Primordiales”, which we find mentioned in “Twenty thousand leagues under the seas” by Jules Vernes. . It is from Amélie Bourgeois, whom he considers to be his mentor, that Arnaud Poulain learns the codes of perfumery and refines his nose.

In 2015, he created his factory “Les Eaux Primordiales ”that he installed in Hauts-de-France, like a homecoming, a tribute to his native land and to its industrial past. On the Primordial Domain of fourteen hectares, surrounded by greenery, nestles a castle of 1830 where all his creation flourishes. To imagine his perfumes, the one who defines himself as a “scent mechanic” uses manual know-how and 64% made in France. His mission ? Make dream, and amaze. Arnaud Poulain draws his inspiration from books, illustrates the invisible, but also a scent that he has fantasized about, or is inspired by a painting that touched him. To make his 22 fragrances, he uses a process that he is the only one to have: maceration in a controlled atmosphere, which allows the perfume to leave in its wake a scent that lasts, a guarantee of quality.

Arnaud Poulain, founder of Primordial Waters

A case for luxury crafts

In order to manufacture all the furniture for the presentation of perfumes in shops, a cabinetmaking was installed on the Primordial Estate. It is this smell that he bottled in his latest creation “Santal Superfluide”. In its wake, it leaves a subtle woody note. In addition to fragrances, the company intends to welcome professional customers during the week and private individuals at weekends to its Domaine in order to provide them with a total immersive experience. “We aim to become a multidisciplinary luxury group, by developing all trades in luxury crafts, from ceramics to hotels, including clothing and leather goods”, underlines Arnaud Poulain. To extend the experience, olfactory candle-making workshops will soon be offered in order to democratize this know-how. Internationally oriented, “Eaux Primordiales” market their products through 150 points of sale in the worldwide, including prestigious brands such as Harrods in London while waiting to seduce new markets in Asia.