Presidential: in Cergy, Taubira sees “a colossal expectation” on the left

The potential presidential candidate Christiane Taubira told AFP on Tuesday that she felt a “colossal expectation” from the left electorate, after a visit to Cergy (Val d’Oise) focused on youth and precariousness .

“We cannot afford the luxury of missing the April meeting,” added François Hollande’s ex-justice minister, saying he has felt since Friday on the field “the enthusiasm of the people” and “a colossal expectation”.

But “it is not at low cost that they are ready to start believing again in the possibility of winning this election “on the left, she added, stressing that” people are demanding “in the face of” difficulties. ”

The former deputy announced on Friday that she” considered “to stand for the presidential election, claiming to want to “bring together” an exploded left which has a dozen candidates including the PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

Christiane Taubira has also calmed the ardor of Muriel, a “socialist since all days “who urged her to say if she would be a candidate or not:” Refrain from your impatience, you will know in good time “, she had told him about her intentions for April 2022.

But throughout the afternoon, the former Minister of Justice especially sent messages of encouragement to young Cergyssois.

“Youth is energy and the power of this country “, she declared.

To a young teenager who was working on a rap text and crossed in a neighborhood house, she repeated to him:” Believe In you!”. And to leave her by slipping: “I would like to see you on stage!”

In the evening, Christiane Taubira then went to a welcoming emergency accommodation center 100 women and children sheltered during the winter period. Before visiting a night reception center, a few kilometers away.

Valérie Pelisson, the general directorate of Hope 95, the association responsible for both centers, regretted facing Ms. Taubira “tired teams” and “recruitment difficulties” facing “people in distress”.

“It has been many years that we have not has done little for social workers, “replied the former member of Parliament:” The State must not only be an accompanist but also a designer “of public policies to help the most vulnerable, she said.