Presidential: Hidalgo offers a televised debate to left-wing candidates

The PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo offered Friday to the other left-wing candidates a televised debate “before 15 January”, to bring out in front of the French “convergences” and “differences”.

We must “show that the left brings justice solutions expected by our fellow citizens”, she pleaded to the press, listing the subjects on which the seven candidates declared on the left can according to her to get along.

“This proposal, I am launching it to all the candidates of the left: it’s debating, let’s assume (…), in front of the French women and the French, on a television channel, to be able to express what the left, its different components, wears today “in this election, she declared.

This debate, “à la loyale”, would precede the primary on the left which she again called for, shortly after the announcement by the former minister Christiane Taubira of a possible candidacy.

“What Christiane Taubira said this morning validates this idea that to come together, to meet, in a transparent way”, there is “no other way to do it than to do it through an organized vote which is obviously preceded by a certain number of debates “, insisted Mrs. Hidalgo.

Among the subjects on which the French expect according to her” urgent answers “:” the purchasing power and wages “, for which” a bill tabled by the PS group in the National Assembly will allow a rapid debate in particular on the question of the minimum wage and the idea of ​​an increase in the minimum wage of 15% “, she detailed.

Anne Hidalgo also cited the need to act for” the public hospital “and to improve” the conditions of practice of caregivers ” .

For “the future of our young people”, the left “can agree” on the question of their “social rights”, on that of an “income” and “emergency aid”, she continued.

And in my ecology, “for a just transition”, she defended the idea of ​​”a remainder at zero charge” for “the 12 millions of French people” who live in a “thermal strainer” and want to renovate their home to “have better heating and pay less for electricity bills”.