Presidential: Ciotti calls on voters in Zemmour to vote Pécresse

Eric Ciotti, finalist of the LR congress for the presidential nomination, on Sunday called on the voters of Eric Zemmour to vote for the right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse “if they want to beat Emmanuel Macron”.

“Only Valérie Pécresse can win. Eric Zemmour cannot win, because he has a profile that cannot be at the heart of a gathering of all those who no longer want Emmanuel Macron “, said Eric Ciotti at the” big meeting “Europe1 / CNews / Les Echos.

” Valérie Pécresse will be at the heart of this gathering which will come from all sides to beat Emmanuel Macron “, he continued. For the LR deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes, the voters of Eric Zemmour “today want us to change, for there to be more security, less immigration, less taxes”.

“Totally committed behind her”

“They must be aware that if we want to save the country, we must stop the French decline which is associated with Macron-Hollande management (…) if we want to stop that, today there is only one candidate who can do it. ”

Asked about his differences with the candidate LR, Mr. Ciotti said to share “a communion of values, ideas and objectives with Valérie Pécresse”, assuring that he will be “totally committed behind her”.

Relaunched on his proposal for the creation of a “French-style Guantanamo”, which Ms. Pécresse refused to take up, Mr. Ciotti argued that “she has in her project the safety detention for Islamists leaving prison”. “”That’s what I mean and that’s what I’m asking for,” he said.

(With AFP)