Presidential 2022: Test our “Vox Populi” tool to situate yourself in relation to the candidates and populist proposals

“Are you a populist? This is the question that Cevipof – Sciences Po’s Center for Political Research – invites you to answer with the help of its political positioning tool “Vox populi – L ‘populism index’, launched on Wednesday January 2022 in partnership with West-France and 20 Minutes.

“This tool is an opportunity for each user to take stock with themselves and to stimulate personal reflection on ideas, and not on the controversies of the campaign”, explains Thomas Vitiello, doctor of political science and teacher at Sciences Po.

And – why not – to discover that populist proposals are not necessarily the prerogative of candidates identified as such.

To measure impregnation of populist values ​​on your political position, it’s here:

A bo Presidential ussole from March 2022

Tune-up as part of a university research project, this application, which takes the form of a series of questions allowing “everyone to reflect and position on the issues of this campaign”, feeds the scientific work of the Center for the Study of French Political Life (Cevipof). “Participants’ responses are used for electoral analysis, analysis of political attitudes and behaviors. User responses are absolutely not used to carry out prediction surveys”, explains Thomas Vitiello.

This “compass” will be supplemented, from March, by a second application specifically designed to situate you in relation to the candidates for the presidential election who have gathered the 500 sponsorships. A device in which 20 Minutes has been a stakeholder since 2012.