Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen wants to reinstall her duel with Emmanuel Macron

Marine Le Pen seems to have a stubborn grudge. Five years after her defeat against Emmanuel Macron in the second of the presidential election, after an in-between round debate deemed a failure by the majority of observers, the RN candidate has chose to launch Act II of his campaign at the place where his adversary had savored his victory: in the courtyard of the Louvre. “It is here, five years ago that Emmanuel Macron began a five-year term that Emmanuel Macron presented as ambitious (…) five years later, the promise of this “confidence which obliges”, this benevolence exhibited, this reconciliation proclaimed, this humility affirmed, this respect for each one, have vanished, ”says Marine Le Pen in a 3-minute clip 2002.

She multiplies the historical references, like her competitor on the far right Eric Zemmour, strolling in the courtyard of the Louvre, “mythical place which symbolizes the continuity of France”, chosen to deliver ” a message of mobilization and hope”. The president of the National Rally thus wants to regain her place as the first opponent of Emmanuel Macron and reinstall the divide between the camp of the “globalists”, whom the president embodies in her eyes, and that of the “nationals”, whom she intends to represent.

The match of the French presidency of the EU

“To close the parenthesis opened five years ago from toxic macronism for the country, I need you by my side, ”she concludes. This clip, released the day she was to hold a “presidential convention” in Reims, finally postponed due to “the health situation”, did not please the Louvre, which regretted a “campaign video” filmed on Tuesday “without any authorization of the museum, in violation of the rules of law” on public domains. The far-right candidate must also hold a press conference on Tuesday on the presidency of the European Union by France, the day before a speech by Emmanuel Macron before the European Parliament.

However, the Head of State, who no longer hides his “desire” to be a candidate, intends to put forward the French Presidency of the EU as the high point of his mandate. On the EU presidency, Marine Le Pen also intends to position herself against Emmanuel Macron. MEP Nicolas Bay denounced in Le Point a “communication operation in the service of (the) presidential campaign” of the outgoing president. The candidate, who has given up on leaving the euro, now defends a Europe “of nations and cooperation” with, underlines Nicolas Bay, “true borders” and “having the same civilization in common”.

Take the head to the right Faced with the “mega supra candidate of bankers”, the RN candidate claims to represent “the France of the forgotten” and the working classes. She accuses the president of “dividing” the country, “persecuting” the unvaccinated, and sowing “chaos” when she promises “national unity” and “tranquility”. But Marine Le Pen now faces competition in her own camp from Eric Zemmour, who asserts that there is “no monopoly on the national candidacy”, and on the right by Valérie Pécresse, given neck and neck with her according to recent polls, even qualified in the second round in her place.

Hence the urgency for the loser of 2017 to re-establish himself as the number one opponent. And she does not hesitate to attack them directly, accusing the “candidate of the plateaus” Eric Zemmour of serving as a “stepping stone” for the “candidate of the metropolises” Valérie Pécresse thanks to the sponsorships of elected LR in favor of the former columnist. Marine Le Pen also presents herself as the only “reasonable” candidate. When Emmanuel Macron says he wants to “annoy” the non-vaccinated, and Valérie Pécresse 20220106 brings out Nicolas Sarkozy’s “Karchër” for ” clean up the neighborhoods”, she answers that she does not want to “speak loudly, but just”. On the right too, the campaign is played with fists.