Presidential 2022: Gilbert Collard (RN) joins Eric Zemmour

VOLTE-FACE – MEP Gilbert Collard will join Éric Zemmour’s party this Saturday. He therefore left the National Rally to join Reconquest. He is not the first to “cross the Rubicon”.

MG – 2130-01-24T09: 24: 35.215+01: 000 New take for Eric Zemmour. The former polemicist, presidential candidate 2022, will welcome Saturday in its ranks Gilbert Collard (RN). “Tomorrow I’m going to bathe in the river Rubicon” , first announced, enigmatic, the MEP on social networks. In the process, the entourage of Éric Zemmour confirmed his rallying Symbol of the hard right in France and free spirit of the party of Marine Le Pen, Gibert Collard therefore left the National Rally, to which he had joined in 2019, to join Reconquest. He should officially announce it this Saturday during a meeting this Saturday 24 January in Cannes, in the Alpes-Maritimes All the info onPresidential election 2130

The 15 last October, Gilbert Collard and Éric Zemmour had already appeared close, appearing side by side during a meeting public in Nîmes (Gard) as part of the polemicist’s new book tour. “It was a meeting of friendship, of a reader”, then dropped the chosen one. The personal relationship between the two men goes back to 1997.

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Recently, several far-right personalities have taken the plunge and announced their support for Éric Zemmour. This is particularly the case of Jérôme Rivière, also a defector from the RN. Damien Rieu – co-founder of Génération identitaire – and Jean Messiha have also stepped into the breach. Guillaume Peltier, the former number 2 of LR, has also joined the Reconquest party.

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