Premier League: Tottenham very unhappy with the postponement of their match against Arsenal

Tottenham disputes the basis of the decision which led to the postponement of the Spurs match against Arsenal (scheduled for Sunday), due to the lack of Gunners available for the match, in the Premier League.

The Premier League announced on Saturday that it had accepted the request for postponement made by Arsenal , who do not believe they have enough valid players to face Sunday Tottenham as part of the 22th day of the championship. “We are extremely surprised that this request has been approved”, surprised Tottenham in the process.

Caught up by the pandemic and its variant Omicron, English football is suffering from the rebound in cases of Covid in the United Kingdom, which had already been felt for Spurs when Tottenham lost their Europa League Conference match against Stade Rennais on the green carpet. What the Spurs took great pleasure in recalling in a press release.

The Premier League is trying to cope

Faced with a few cases of Covid-19, but also with injuries, departures from the CAN, especially in the middle field with Thomas Partey (Ghana) and Mohamed Elneny (Egypt), or the red card received midweek by Granit Xhaka in the League Cup, the Gunners do not have the minimum number of players required, which is 13 including a goalkeeper, explains the press release. But not everything is linked to Covid-19, far from it.

“It is important that the application of this rule is clear and coherent”, ton Tottenham, concerning the reasons likely to lead to a request for postponement. Around 20 league matches have had to be postponed in recent weeks for health reasons, causing congestion in the already busy schedule in English football.

The Premier League is working to accommodate them. reschedule as you go, mid-week when possible. But teams continue to struggle to find enough staff. The match between Burnley and Leicester which was to be held on Saturday had also been postponed.