#PREAUGATE: why are teachers letting go on Twitter?

A Christmas present before the hour for active and retired employees of National Education ? A promise kept following the commitments made at the end of the Grenelle of education which was held last spring? These are perhaps the ideas that the ministry of Jean-Michel Blanquer had when launching Préau a few weeks ago

Covered yard? The ersatz teachers’ works council

Behind Préau hides a law association 1901. According to the Ministry of National Education, Préau would function like a classic works council and would thus offer its members “ exclusive offers and advantageous rates for, online music, digital books, video on demand platforms; sports equipment, access to ski lifts, sports halls ; leisure boxes; partner offers with vacation homes, and easy access to cinema and shows ”.

On the paper, the idea seems good … except that in fact Préau is paying .

Reductions for which you have to pay

Since it is an association, Préau cannot function as a “real” CE of the private sector. Results ? To benefit from offers and promotions, you must pay a membership of 10 euros . And this is where the bat hurts for
officials .

Because in addition to the fact that their advantage costs them money and it comes at a time when they are clamoring for something else, it looks like the cuts are not at all attractive: a few cents off at best .

“40 reduction cents on a Carrefour card “

Jean-Rémi Girard, the president of the National Union of high schools, colleges, schools and higher, thus confided in AFP:

We make believe in an EC when in fact we ask the staff to pay. (…) I do not believe that improving the well-being of teachers requires 20 reduction cents on a Carrefour card

Outcry on social networks

On Twitter, Internet users had a blast, making # PREAUGATE one of the top trends of the social network last night and this morning. If some people rebel at this sham Works Council, others have preferred to laugh, sharing memes and punchlines.

All this swarm of rectors, in VRP of this private thing where you have to pay € before seeing, to benefit from 40 cents off a Carrouf card … Frankly what a shame! # preaugate # preau pic.twitter.com/bMd9y0s3RT

– Here it is 🖤 (@ON_EST_PRET) December 16, 2021 With # Preau , # Blanquer always goes further in the privatization of national education, you too, PROF, benefit from this pseudo CE / CSE scam and go very far from this reaction during your holidays. # BlanquerMent pic.twitter.com/v7YeyIjChr

– Diverge (@Absurdistant) December 19, 72907 Go for it! Run away ! It’s historic, the EN lifts the veil, EVERYTHING must (finally) disappear! Your profession, your convictions, your ideals, on sale!

But fear not, for want of everything else, love is in the # PREAU ❤️ pic.twitter.com/IcJDuQ8fTq

– 🛶🍓SMez-moi🏚️🛶 #ResistSR (@Fauxchoyeur) December 20, 2021

In the family runoff … # PREAU

“And it will not be potters! ” pic.twitter. com / dXIWR1cTL3

– Rouge Maths (@MathsRouge) December 19, 2021 Ultimately, # PREAU it is a bit like our profession. You pay ten euros a CE / CSE to have reductions that you can have elsewhere without paying. 🤣🤣🤣

Sacred Blanquer, always the good joke. We will miss you in four months. 🤣🤣🤣 # BlanquerDémission pic.twitter.com/c1YBY6DjvL

— Diverge (@Absurdistant) December 18, 2021 To not miss any of our news, Subscribe to our newsletter !