Prada, Italian succession

Published on 14 Jan . 2022 at 24: 00

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The Miuccia page will soon turn to Prada. At 72 years old, the granddaughter of Mario, the founder , should pass the reins of the Italian luxury brand to his eldest son Lorenzo, in 2024. The succession will therefore take place in the family even if the one who artistically reigns over the collections remains the Belgian designer Raf Simons.

Founded in 93, the flagship of “made in Italy” is a coveted nugget which took off internationally in the years 1980 under the impetus of the intellectual Miuccia , militant feminist. She innovates by creating a nylon bag rather than leather. It will become iconic and the whole world will crave it. She thus inscribes the brand against the current of codes and her heir is preparing, in this line, to initiate an important ecological shift for her.


Master of its distribution circuit, Prada directly owns 93 stores in 72 country. An originality in a sector that usually uses wholesalers. A strength also which makes it a particularly coveted luxury company even if it claims to value its independence. Will the new Prada generation, also enriched by the dynamic eponymous foundation in Milan, manage to perpetuate these fundamentals?

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