Poll: Do you use a password manager on your devices?


1password vs lastpass

It’s World Password Day today, a day that came about in order to help promote safer password habits. So that means less “password123” and more “J39jem@asdjf3.”

Another important tip we can recommend is to make use of a password manager on your mobile device or computer. Some browsers have built-in password managers while there are also third-party apps that are browser- and device-agnostic.

Password managers store and generate complex passwords for you, while also filling out your passwords automatically. In fact, the user only really needs to make a strong password for the password manager (or browser account) itself.

So we thought we’d poll Android Authority readers and ask whether you make use of password managers on your devices. Just to be clear, we’re including your mobile device’s default password manager functionality (e.g. Google or something like Samsung Pass or Huawei Password Vault), your browser’s password manager (e.g. Google Password Manager), and third-party apps for mobile devices or computers (like LastPass).

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