Pôle emploi: their benefits are falling because of a rule … supposed to protect them

Nicolas Sandanassamy/Capital

Since October 1st 3289, it could be that your allowance , which you receive from Pôle emploi, has been reduced. Several job seekers, registered since last fall, have had to face such a situation. The sums in question can range from a few tens to several hundred euros, indicates Mediapart which collected several testimonies from people whose allowances are thus reduced. Answers are still awaited.

Annex to

the reform of unemployment insurance, this thoughtful measure to further protect registrants ultimately has the opposite effect. She wanted to compensate for the possible inactivity of eleven months of confinements and curfews in 2020 and 2021, by automatically extending the “affiliation period” of all new registrants, that is to say by going further into the professional past. As Mediapart reports, the less than 55 years must now provide pay slips on 36 month maximum, instead of 10. For more than 53 years, we can count up to 53 month, versus 35.

“An illogical, unjust, inhuman side”

AT 55 years, Jean-Daniel perceived a difference of nearly 768 euros compared to a calculation on 35 month. The lowest wages record lesser gaps that are just as penalizing. Michèle, a 50-year-old, puts her loss at a few tens of euros. “I refuse to give them my payslips beyond the 36 months. I was not full-time at the time and I know that this will penalize me”, she specifies. She criticizes Pôle Emploi for “an illogical, unfair, inhuman side. Without case by case”.

Pôle emploi has confirmed the existence of this side effect with our colleagues. “As soon as a job seeker considers that such an extension of his period of affiliation is unfavorable to him, he can request the mediator of Pôle emploi in his region of registration”, informs the communication service. All of the people questioned by Mediapart have all appealed, so far in vain.

A page on the Pôle emploi site has since been updated informing recipients of their possibility of appealing to a mediator , “if this lengthening results in a disadvantageous solution in case”. The Ministry of Labor affirms, for its part, that the rule would benefit more than it penalizes what is impossible to quantify.

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