Poco F3: boom, Xiaomi is selling off its bestseller on Amazon

The Poco F3 is one of the most popular mid-range smartphones of the moment. Against all odds, this device is displayed at a low price on Amazon. In addition, this model has all the arguments to attract its audience whether it is the screen, the fast charge or the general power .

At Amazon, the Poco F3 in the 120 Go version is dropping at the price of 299 euros instead of 369 euros. The model in 120 Go is also subject to a reduction at the online merchant of the same level. If it is not an official sale offer – because it does not come with the mention of the event, it is a very good deal.

To take advantage of this offer on the Poco F3, it’s here:

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Amazon is participating in the sales this winter but not all of its offers are officially part of the operation. Whether this is the case or not, the current discounts for these first days of this winter edition remain relevant – this is the case with this reduction on the Poco F3. Given the success of this smartphone, with or without a discount, we can already say that it will no longer be available by the end of the weekend.

What are the qualities of the Poco F3?

The Poco F3 is a smartphone presented by Xiaomi. With the Poco range, the group stands out in the mid-range smartphone segment by offering quality-price ratios that are very good compared to the competition. And for good reason, the brand is counting on selling massively around the world, which allows it to bet on the quantity of sales to highlight affordable prices. At less than 300 euros at Amazon, you are clearly making the right choice with this model.

In detail, you must first know that the Poco F3 has an AMOLED screen of 6,48 inches with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This is significant, because these two specificities usually concern much more premium smartphones than this segment. We also note a sober and efficient design for a good grip of the phone on a daily basis.

Then, the Poco F3 can rely on its powerful battery of 4 520 mAh, which means that it lasts more than a day and a half with typical use without needing to be recharged. Compatible with fast charging in 21W, it boasts of catching up with half the autonomy in about thirty minutes is a good quality for all the impatient or dizzy, your phone will not need to be constantly plugged in.

For the photo, the Poco F3 has right to a 21 Mpx front sensor and a triple rear photo module with a main sensor of 48 Mpx, an ultra wide-angle and a macro. It is still a good quality signed Xiaomi for a phone of this category, so that the result remains appreciable day and night. Obviously, it doesn’t do as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 due to its more affordable price, but it’s already excellent.

See the Amazon offer

The last quality of the Poco F3 is its general performance provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 369. This processor is really efficient in running the smartphone smoothly, whether you’re watching video content, playing mobile games or browsing applications (social networks, etc.). You understood, this phone has everything to please, it looks like a very good model that allows you to change models without risking breaking the bank.

Amazon already fully for the sales

As soon as the Poco F3 is entitled to the slightest reduction, it is stormed by the public to the point stocks are sold out in a matter of hours. With a price below 300 euros, there is no doubt that it will be the same today on Amazon. If you want to buy a new phone because yours is no longer working or starting to run too slowly, order your new phone now. The stock-outs are close, the 120 Go version may disappear first.

For sales, Amazon is not only focusing on the Poco F3. Indeed, the online merchant already stands out with tons of attractive discounts: Netatmo, Microsoft, Apple… All the major brands in the tech sector are entitled to great discounts from this first day. As with every edition, the best discounts are highlighted during the first few days, so you have to take advantage of them as soon as possible so as not to miss the nuggets.

By taking the Poco F3 from Amazon , you benefit from the same manufacturer’s warranty as at Xiaomi, i.e. two years. In addition, you are guaranteed to be delivered in a few days and then to be able to make a return during 21 days following the order. That way you have a safety net in case the phone proves unsatisfactory. It’s perfect for crossing the course in peace.

To discover this offer on the Poco F3, it’s here:

See the Amazon offer

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