PlayStation Plus games of the month for January 2022 on the run

It’s the cocorico moment of the month: the French insider and member of the site Dealabs billbil-kun has once again revealed the games offered by the service PlayStation Plus for the month of next January, still well ahead. These now monthly leaks appear on the tips site well in advance of Sony’s official announcement, and billbil-kun’s history proves, if it there are still doubts that he knows things that we don’t know…

In any case, it’s a good selection that awaits PlayStation players for the first month of the year 2021. No PlayStation 5 exclusivity, but two cross-gen titles and a PlayStation 4 game.

PlayStation 5

Underground or on asphalt

This is Deep Rock Galactic which opens the ball for the beginning of next year, and that on the day one of its release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. This online cooperative FPS offers squads of 4 players to explore sinuous and labyrinthine caves generated at random, in a morning atmosphere of parody SF. The band of dwarf excavators will be assigned to several different missions in unknown tunnels, such as the extraction of rare materials or the elimination of pure and simple targets.

We are slipping towards a whole different kind with Dirt 5 , the second crossgen title scheduled for next month. This new installment of the Codemasters rally franchise continues in the direct line of previous games, with a wide selection of cars, tracks and customization options. The PS5 version benefits from several graphic display modes, including one 10 hz.

Back to Shibuya Finally , the Japanese pickaxe of this monthly selection comes straight from Atlus: it is Persona 5 Strikers , the spin-off of the famous JRPG. Goodbye tour par tout, this collaboration between Omega Force studios and P-Studio brings some beat’em’all into the Phantom Thieves’ routine, for a very Dynasty Warrior-esque result. So of course Persona 5 Strikers keeps a lot of RPG elements of the original game, and still takes advantage of its unique sense of style. This spin-off follows a new adventure for the band of amateur thieves, in a plot directly following Persona 5.