Plastic Surgeons Create ‘Perfect Woman’ Using 16 World-Famous Names

Plastic Surgeons Create 'Perfect Woman' Using 16 World-Famous Names

The Daily Mail and Transform Hospital Group’s Aesthetic Centre compiled the demands of consumers and created the image of people as “the perfect woman.” The Daily Mail editors, who combined the limbs of 16 world-famous women, have made an interesting extraction.
The Daily Mail, one of the UK’s most popular newspapers, has entered into a partnership with Transform Hospital Group, a business interested in aesthetic operations. As part of this collaboration, Transform Hospital Group, which compiles what people who want to undergo aesthetic surgery most demand, forwarded this compilation to the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail also examined the world-famous women who carried these demands, creating a mixed woman. The created image shows the phrase” perfect woman”.

Plastic Surgeons Create 'Perfect Woman' Using 16 World-Famous Names

With the development of technology, people’s understanding of beauty has also changed. So much so that now, with engineering calculations, the perception of beauty is created, people want to change accordingly. The collaboration between Transform Hospital Group and The Daily Mail is a combination of these calculations and consumer demands.

Hair: Lily James
Eyebrows: Holly Willoughby
Ears: Anne Hathaway
Eyes: Beyonce
Cheekbones: Cara Delevigne
Nose: Jennifer Lawrence
Lip: Angelina Jolie
Jaw: Cameron Diaz
Neck: Margot Robbie
Boobs: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Bel: Jennifer Aniston
Hip: Jennifer Lopez
Hands: Gwyneth Paltrow
Legs: Victoria Beckham
Ankles: Emma Watson
Feet: Scarlett Johansson
The perfect female image created consists of the limbs of 16 world-famous stars. For example, in the leg section of the photo you see above, there are limbs belonging to three people. In this context, the legs belong to Victoria Beckham, the feet belong to Scarlett Johansson and the ankles belong to Emma Watson. So, where does this beautiful woman have a limb belonging to which celebrity?


One of the first names that comes to mind when Beauty and being world famous come together is undoubtedly Angelina Jolie. According to the study, the perfect woman’s lips should be like Angelina Jolie’s. Also, when the eyes are like Beyonce, the ears are like Anne Hathaway, the chin is like Cameron Diaz, the hair is like Lily James, the cheekbones are like Cara Delevigne, the eyebrows are like Holly Willoughby and the nose is like the beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence, the concept of ideal beauty is complete.

The body of the” perfect woman ” image belongs to 5 different women. In this context, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley breasts, Jennifer Aniston waist, Margot Robbie neck, Gwyneth Paltrow hands and Jennifer Lopez hip created the body of the perfect female image.

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