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phew, the abolition of roaming charges is extended until 2032

According to 01Net’s phew, the abolition of roaming charges is extended until 2032
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Europeans will be able to continue to use their mobile plan at no additional cost in member countries. The quality of service should even improve and consumer protection will be further strengthened.

Rest assured, roaming charges will not be back this summer if you travel to Europe! A new regulation on roaming certainly came into force on July 1. But it extends the abolition of roaming charges until 2032. Phew! Because no one wanted to return to the situation that we had before June 15, 2017.

It has been somewhat forgotten today, but before that date, Europeans paid a high price for their mobile communications on the move, whether voice or data. Most people therefore turned off their data abroad. Fortunately, five years ago it became possible to use one’s usual flat rate at no additional cost in other Member States. There were some restrictions on the amount of mobile Internet allowed, but French operators were rather generous about it.

Good news for operators, wholesale prices are falling. They will pay less for renting the networks of their counterparts in neighboring countries. Which perhaps explains why they agreed to grant even more benefits to users.

New quality of service guarantees

The new regulation ensures that there will be no turning back, at least until 2032. It also brings some small improvements concerning the quality of service. If a customer has a 5G plan in France, he is entitled to access 5G if it is available in a neighboring country. This was not the case in the past. Thus, Free Mobile was able to provide only 3G to its 4G subscribers when they were traveling in Europe until 2019.

The same goes for the connection speed, which is supposed to be of equivalent quality when technically possible. ” If a quality or speed similar to that of the country of origin is available on the visited network, the national operator should ensure the same quality for the service while roaming”, says the European Commission. Operators will also be required to state precisely what services their customers can expect.

Customers better informed of additional charges

Consumers will be informed in a more transparent way about possible additional costs such as calls made to customer services, assistance or insurance companies. This will also be the case on board an airplane or a boat when the connection goes through a satellite, for example. These scenarios are not affected by the end of roaming. In addition, roaming will be automatically suspended if charges reach 50 dolars or another predefined limit. This also applies to roaming outside the Union.

Finally, mobile operators will have to send automatic messages by June 2023 to inform their subscribers of the existence of 112, the single emergency call number of the European Union. And for those who cannot call, they should be able to access alternative non-voice means at no additional cost.

Unfortunately for UK citizens, the majority of their carriers have opted to re-submit roaming charges to them when traveling to Europe due to Brexit. For the moment, French operators have been careful not to do the same in the opposite direction.

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European Commission