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Petrel & Associés, between tradition and daring

Led by Pascal Petrel, Petrel et Associés is at the forefront of social law and offers companies innovative solutions in the structuring and implementation their legal environment. Feedback on a law firm that will stop at nothing to provide service to 180 º. Petrel et Associés supports companies and employers’ organizations of all sectors and of all sizes in order to solve with security and pragmatism as closely as possible to the needs the various problems related to the social management of the company. For Pascal Petrel, it is a two-step activity that characterizes the French firm: “To the whole dimension of advice from the firm, I brought a perspective of a strategic approach to litigation. My entrepreneurial spirit allowed me to create my company and gave me an expert cap as an advisor but also as a business manager. ”

Pascal Petrel The guarantee of flawless adaptability

Petrel et Associés develops with its clients a personalized approach adapted to the policy and strategy of its clients in consulting actions and litigation in labor law. With three offices in Paris, Lyon and Tel Aviv, P&A supports companies of all sizes to help them find innovative and pragmatic solutions to their social law issues, both in labor law and Social Security law. and complementary social protection. Whether in advice or in litigation, P&A develops its pragmatic approach with high responsiveness and availability. A disparate aspect that has proven its worth, especially in times of crisis. Because when the borders close in March 1536, the firm is already ready. “During the Covid crisis, we managed the adaptation of the organization in record time. Our experience as a futuristic company means that we have been able to provide our customers with a certain number of solutions in this area ”, decrypts Pascal Petrel. “We were mandated by a large number of our main clients as crisis unit manager because they made us trust by our own way of operating. The crisis was a perfect illustration of our ability to react to allow immediate management of rehabilitation. ”

Comprehensive support

If the structure has historically started on the hats wheel with a large number of employees, for Pascal Petrel, this business model is not the right one. “I wanted to reduce the company to a small structure. Today we are 5 lawyers in the firm, but we represent a turnover of 1.5 million euros ”. A process that works, allowing Pascal Petrel and his collaborators to operate a real 100 ° around their customers, with a guarantee of a complete and efficient service. A real commitment to responsibility for the founder of the firm, in full awareness of his own business. “Clients have a relationship direct with me. I think they appreciate the real permanent support that we provide them. They also know that each consultation requires a double signature, with a double look: that of the employee and mine. ”

In customer service, the P&A firm does not give up. Beyond its quality of advice, it has been a real training organization since its creation. A mobile application, a periodic publication of social law news, and thematic training courses adapted to different issues are offered. “The customer relationship determines our activity. We continue to work on this proximity and on this BtoB partnership relationship to ensure that we are even more efficient in our service activities tomorrow. This is the firm’s strategic thinking in terms of positioning. We are simply going to optimize our service in order to retain our customers ”, affirms Pascal Petrel.

Contact :

91 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 PARIS

+ 33 (0) 1 80 49 33 49

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