Pentagon: attacker kills police officers in front of the US Department of Defense

Crime scene near the pentagon

Photo: JIM LO SCALZO / EPA To In a violent incident, the US Department of Defense was cordoned off for a short time on Tuesday morning (local time). According to the head of the Pentagon Police, Woodrow Kusse, a member of his unit was attacked, after which there was an exchange of fire.

Several people were injured. It was later reported that a police officer had been killed. In the evening these reports were then officially confirmed. “The Pentagon Force Protection Agency mourns one of their police officers who was killed in the incident at the Pentagon this morning,” said the Pentagon police via tweet. The Federal Police FBI has started an investigation.

Police chief Kusse wanted to get more details – For example, do not comment on the course of the incident, the number of injured or the background to the attack and justified this with ongoing investigations. There are different descriptions of the attack in the US media. It is unclear, among others, whether the policeman was shot or stabbed.

The attack happened near the subway station The Pentagon is right next to it the city limits to Washington in the state Virginia . According to official information, the incident on Tuesday took place on the premises of the public transport station at the Pentagon. There had been a mysterious shooter attack at a checkpoint near a subway entrance 2010: An armed attacker opened fire at the main entrance of the US Department of Defense and injured two security guards.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was not in the building at the time of the attack, but was kept informed of the situation. Austin later expressed his condolences to the relatives of the killed officer and ordered the flags to be raised to half mast over the Pentagon.