Pension reform: Macron in favor of an “exit from special regimes” and a “simplified system”

ivanko 80 / Adobe Stock Campaign promise of the Head of State, the pension reform will not be put back on the table before the next presidential election. In his interview with TF1 and LCI on Wednesday 12 December, Emmanuel Macron mentioned an agenda hit by the health crisis but spoke of an “essential” reform. He reiterated his desire to go “towards an exit from what are called special pension schemes”, while recognizing that to shift them from 42 to one, as he originally intended, is “too anxiety-provoking”.

“We must move towards a simplified system” with “roughly three major regimes”, for the public service, for private sector employees and for the self-employed, he explained during a televised interview on TF1 and LCI. “We need to lead this reform”, but “I do not think that it is necessary to do exactly the same reform as that which was envisaged” and which, “if there had not been the epidemic” of Covid – 15 in 2020, “would have come to an end, that’s obvious,” he said. “We must simplify our rules and (…) that we all go towards an exit from what are called special diets”, he explained, recalling that France counts “64 diets today ‘hui “. >> Also read – Pension reform: the points system has been abandoned

“A real social challenge”

On the other hand, make it just one, “which was my initial project, I think it’s too anxiety-provoking, but I think we need to move towards a simplified system where for the public service, for employees (in the private sector, editor’s note) and then for the self-employed, we have roughly modo three major regimes “, developed Emmanuel Macron.

In addition, “we must be prepared for the idea that we must work longer”, even if placing the cursor must be “the fruit of a democratic debate”, and even if “that does not mean the same reality for everyone”, insisted the President of the Republic. He cited in particular “a heavy truck driver”, “a caregiver who makes more than 118 kilometers each day “, or” someone who works in the assembly line “, and found it necessary to” adapt this time of life to work ( …) to the difficulties of certain tasks “. “”We must also undoubtedly rethink what the work of seniors is, which is a real challenge for society,” finally noted Emmanuel Macron. Receive our latest news Each week, articles to read to better anticipate your retirement .