Pattern Hair Care: Outstanding Product! My 4A/B hair combed right through with the shampoo(shampooed twice-a little goes a long way and I have SUPER thick hair), the leave in conditioner made my hair super soft and maintained detangled hair, the Refreshung mist kept hair moist while I braided it and the Jojoba oil is awesome. The curl gel adds just the right hold without being hard. A little goes a long way, smells great and further softens my hair. The weighted shower comb gives the perfect pressure to comb thru and detangle. I loved the hair towel sent and clamp.. Patter is Revolutionary!

Are pattern hair products good?

“I loved the products on my wash-and-go. They smell really great and they defined and moisturized my hair really well. The Intensive Conditioner was my favorite. I used it before I washed my hair with the Hydration Shampoo and Medium Conditioner.

As if the message weren’t enough, the product is phenomenal.

The heavy conditioner and leave-in conditioner are incredibly moisturizing and hydrating, and my curls love it. The shampoo has an airy, clean scent that is effortless and accomplishes the goal in completely stripping your hair of all its gunk.

Is pattern good for curly hair?

It did a great job of refreshing and reviving my curls, which are so flat and dry after I wake up. I would recommend this to all curly-hair types, as I happily use this every day. You really can’t beat the Styling Cream. I can’t say enough about how well this cream held and accentuated my curl pattern

Pattern Hair Care

Our products do not contain any harsh, hair-stripping solvents, and our Hydration Shampoo provides the gentle suds needed to get in there while scrubbing the hair and scalp to give you a good wash day!

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Good morning everyone, I might be sleeping, but I’m here to update you all day three as I promised and here’s what we have some problems I’m a a little tremor and I need to find out what happened welcome all to.

the maintenance biml YouTube channel unless you are new here and in that case

well let me introduce myself I’m Mel your main girl bringing everyone

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things curly hair tips tricks tutorials everything you need to know

each and every texture on Tuesday and of course my ear is 3B 3C high porosity

fine texture hair and in today’s video we will unpack it and review it live

Tracee Ellis Ross’s long-awaited patron duty and I have been

waiting for him has been waiting for you and now it’s baby Fire and I’ll do

this video for all of you today, first shows you what we have here, okay?

Tracee Ellis Ross will bring you the pattern here, so first thing we have

here is the argan oil hair serum I got so that it can go to the scalp.

a good scalp oil, let’s see what this one smells like first unless you’ve lost

I have a feeling that this has no smell, so it has no smell, which is nice, nice.

for those who can not take fragrant products, I hoped that there would be a

smell because I have already heard wonderful things about the smell, but

that’s all right it was one so that’s argan oil

Hair Serum next to your hair serum with hobo oil, so this is the other

they have she only has two like now, so they can both go to the hair

the scalp which is wonderful news also when your hair needs extra hydration and

protection yes, so both are very comparable and both are reading

paraben-free SLS slash SLDS suitable for the fat-free color of cyclic silicones

free and from Al without dye, that’s good, it’s very good to see

what else we have here pretty good, so I have a new travel bag now I have the

travel size options to try this product because I don’t know if it is

this is going to work for me, we’ll find out we have this moisturizing shampoo here

it is the heavy conditioner for easy winding and rinse-free conditioner, so it is

what the travel package came with and why it only came with these three

I also got the medium conditioner which is for curly’s because I’m curly, so

I have options here, so I will try these products today in the

shower I’ll take you there with me we can taste them from my hair

talk about the texture of them, the smell of them and also some of the ingredients in

that worry some people and we will talk about it very

soon let me go wash my hair because I’m so sorry I covered it up

abar yes it’s time to shower

Shower Thoughts This is the means conditioner this is for curly hair

it’s silky, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be very heavy, but I have to

get this to try it on my hair and I’m bonding so far shows that I’m going to

rinse and then I get out of the shower and the little Styles ends well

we’re all back on the lines then and now I’m going to start designing and

I’d be following Tracy’s advice today, because I’ve been following the

Instagram pattern very closely, so Tracy says that for Hair Serum With Argan Oil, apply

Argan oil for soaking wet hair penetrates the cuticle much better in this way and

no residue once dry beautiful thank you now that I’ve been in the

rinse-free conditioner that opens um was trying to smell these products while

I was in the shower, I can’t really put my nose in that um, it’s hard for me

describe the sense of it I’m not good at describing aromas, so I can have

to bring smell for that mmm yeah yeah it’s just a little flowery

very light very light a little flowery not bad

All right, great smell coming in with leavin.I’m combing my hair with this today.

you get style with a conditioner without rinsing, you do not get softness

believe in the conditioner that gets hydration from a conditioner without rinsing moisture

shine, but you grab and the definition does not necessarily, so I’m working this?

through my hair and I’m going to put another styler on top of this, but I will

Keep it very simple so that we don’t master the effects of the pattern, but I

I need to put a gel I need some kind of hold and it’s Okay so this feels

nice and light it is also not very heavy I will comb

I’m just brushing it with my favorite Wet Brush, though Epic Professional

and while I’m combing, we’ll talk about the ingredients because this is where

everyone has some questions and what everyone wants to know and that is

because people care more about the ingredients of a product than they used to

doing for you, so we’ll get the cat out of the bag and talk

over my eyes after I wet my hair thanks to the pretty bowl people still

they have concerns about silicones, I mean, it’s like they haven’t been watching

from my videos and it’s because people think that silicones will ruin your hair

but let me point this out very quickly Tracy has curly hair

she herself and has been working on this brand for ten years

with a lot of product testing, I have very good faith that she

create a product that does not harm your hair, of course, not only that, although

but she wants to help you with your hair, so we must overcome the fear of

silicones do not ruin your hair when you lighten them a thing that

She says they’re not cyclic silicones and I don’t even know.

What the hell does that mean? I did a Google search. There are two types of

silicones there are volatile silicones and cyclic silicones this was new to me and

there are no cyclic silicones, which means there are volatile silicones and

Volatile silicone means that it evaporates and does not accumulate in your hair.

a silky smooth feel and leaves hair with an incredible glide when wet and is

they are found in products to leave and rinse, so do not

it accumulates in the hair, evaporates, you’ll be fine, I’m just working

this way with my brush Denman came up with the brush that looks like

like Denman’s brush and I’m working it like I do with my

vertical divisions and this helps to define the curl

give me some definition and smooth frizz and loose hair

re-knowing how a product feels on your hair, not only

thinking about the ingredients, there are some ingredients that I really look for

because I know my hair needs and nourishes from it and that’s it

protein so that of the pattern products at the moment the only products containing

Proteins are actually all products intended for my hair.

there is the moisturizing shampoo, the medium conditioner and the No rinse

conditioner all have hydrolyzed vegetable protein, so it was wonderful

for me to see and it is important because of my porosity my porosity is obviously

high because I color my hair, but this is not just for dyed hair

the medium conditioner has been intended for curly hair, which is more my curly hair

spectrum and even before I dyed my hair I never had crazy low porosity

hair I always had porosity in my hair, most people do and adding

the protein of your products in your hair only helps repair your hair and helps

just seal the cuticle and put it back in place, which will keep your hair strong

and they also help to reduce porosity a bit, so I was very pleased to see

that once I saw that there were proteins in these products, I knew that they would work

just for me, so I’m still up here with the now horizontal section

this is how I would like to define my curls 99.9% of the time is the fastest

method and gives me amazing results every time and is ideal for all hair

textures I will not part my hair today as usual, I like to leave

My hair is loose, so I’m going to find some gel.I’m using a flaxseed.

aloe gel this is my favorite gel is from a beta has no blisters, so I’m

I’m going to use some of that, it just took an amount the size of a toonie and smooth it out

my hair and wrinkle it and we’ll take a look at the wet results here and I’ll be

back when it’s dry for my final review and we’re back. Air dry most of

the road spread a little towards the end, so

I spread from sixty to ninety-five percent dry and here we are.

always so light and wet I could still have a cast of my

gel and I want to squeeze out all that using jojoba hair oil

serum is Europe but jojoba and then I will take it

pump this, this oil has a little smell, it’s a little floral

like the rest of the line, it’s a different flower but it’s still blooming

Argan Oil Hair Serum made no sense. I’ll take a little bit now I want

try it on myself and those with dry scalp have to add oil to it if

not necessary, then not my scalp tends to dry out a little

as the week goes on a bit well, I’ll let you see a close-up here

So how does my hair feel right now? It feels very soft and has a great

Shine and is hydrated, all this was to be expected, I mean, my hair is fresh and

you don’t usually have these problems on the first day as long as the products are good

which seem to be, I just have to leave it and put only a little

gel on top and we look good, but I think the final review

because of how this results in my 3 day hair I’m very curious to see how

the moisture will last because I sealed it with an oil and added two oils

I don’t usually add oil and then I’m used to it, I just create and gelled, so

I have to come back on Day 3 and show them what the end result is, but as far as

my first impressions so far so well I’ll have to come back for my final

check Day 1 and I’ll see you on Day 3 ok, first and foremost, my hair is dry

like hell and you know it’s Day 3 but my hair felt dry and dull yesterday

so this is what I think happened. All the products I used had protein.

so I guess I have a protein on those, so my hair doesn’t hold up

its moisture is a little hard and dry because I have too much protein in

That’s what I guess happened because I’ve used other products and by

day three my hair can still be soft yes as the days go by my hair is high

porosity does not stay super moisturizing smooth throughout the week

and who loses moisture, but this is quite dry and I think it is

because maybe it was too much protein although my hair loves protein maybe

this was too much, so I’m going to give these things another chance

Also because I try, I don’t know, but my scalp itches quite a bit, I don’t know.

why it doesn’t feel right, a lot of itching and I can’t tell if it’s dry, it just itches

so last night I did a scalp massage with the Tramp oil, so I put some of this on

at the tips of my fingers and just massaging, I even took a picture and basically would

scratching my head for a long time I felt very irritated from the first day

I got a little itchy, but yesterday it got a lot worse, so I’m a little worried.

but I want to try everything again, especially since I have another

conditioner, so this time I’m going to wash with shampoo again because I have

to fix the scalp and will not use the heavy conditioner to facilitate the winding because

this one has no protein and to keep the pattern as pure as possible I’m not

I’m going to use a gel on top because maybe that also affected things, I don’t think

so because that’s my favorite gel and it never gives me a problem, but I’m not

I’m going to use the gel this time I’m just going to use the No rinse with serum

and we’ll see what my hair looks like and I’ll have to update them myself

I have to redo this because I’m a little shaken up, okay guys, I’m going back

here, hopefully my final review, this is the end of day one, so this morning

Did I wash again? I washed with shampoo. In fact, I quite liked the smell.

from this whoo is very clean, cleaned very

well, so it’s definitely not a co-wash, it’s definitely a shampoo that

it knows that it is not free of all sulfates, it is simply free of SLS and SLES, which are

sulfates, but this is definitely a good cleansing shampoo, now the question is

Would he bite again? I like the smell and I didn’t care how it felt, but

Usually, when I use shampoo and conditioner, I often use a shampoo.

and conditioner from the same line and here’s the thing

so the average conditioner felt good, but both contain protein and maybe

the two together may have been too much protein and that’s for me, so

I would say beware of anyone who doesn’t need a lot of protein and who doesn’t

they have a lot of chemical or physical damage to the hair, but also

interesting when I tried the heavy conditioner to facilitate the coil if it is

it was literally such a thick conditioner that it was for me that I felt it was hard

work on my hair to compare the texture of the average conditioner

for curly’s and the heavy conditioner to facilitate the coil for all of you in my hand

here half, this is the heavy, you know, I’m struggling to squeeze the bottle.

you see how it is coming out thick stocking heavy stocking definitely creamier the

Heavy is so fucking thick I felt like I was struggling to get it through my hair now

again, this is for easy winding, this is a very heavy and safe conditioner that is

I didn’t need much, but I also went in for a second round because I was

like he really clung to my hair, my hair really took it and I didn’t feel like

it came everywhere evenly because it was hard to pass if that

it makes sense, so I liked more the medium consistency over the heavy, but

be honest, it smells very flowery, you know when you’re

walking through an apartment store and you walk and you’re getting like

All these different perfumes at once, but imagine that they are all floral.

I can not specify which flower it is, but both are very flowery and I do not

I know if I like it to be honest it was a bit too much for me they are not like that

heavy but smelling it now definitely smelling it now anyway like

for these I can recommend the heavy conditioner to facilitate the coil probably

because it is very thick, I would say your hair needs to be very wet when

I’m sure you’re wearing it, but I pulled all this out and

then I went in with the game, so I hope to have a balance of

moisture and then the protein in this, so cut the protein a little so that everyone

I did was stylize with the conditioner without rinsing and added a jet of

argan oil and I cook them together and work it through my hair

with a defined style with a Denman brush and then when I was creasing because

I did not use as a gel or anything, I just took a little more in my hands and

squeeze with that and my hair feels very soft there your fag oil in the

The other hand has a very strong lavender smell, so if you love lavender, you can

just love it, your Tramp is of course great for hair and scalp too

and I think it made a difference, my hair is definitely softer, no, this is

only the first day and with the last scenario my hair felt much drier on Day 2 by

any reason, so I hope I don’t have to come back here, I will if I do it right

now, although my hair feels very soft, Yes, my curls are happy, I think they are

more balanced this time, I think they had a protein overload and that was the

problem, so the line together for curly’s would take care unless your hair

you really need protein unless you’re not using enough protein or if you had to

recommend a product if you find it really

I need protein in your routine I like to leave some protein I find

that helps to give me a better definition this is to define and

moisturize so this is good, it just has the same floral smell

so anyway I hope for a successful day, I will close this video now

because I look cute now and I don’t know you’ll have to skate to the very same

finish if I come back with a final verdict of how this moisture less makeup

travel sizes guys, this was the best way to test the product, I’m glad to have

I don’t have much to go through now and will probably still use these

maybe I’ll take them on a weekend vacation with me and I’ll be covered

the important thing here is that it didn’t ruin my hair if you guys want more

reviews or any video content, let me know in the comments below.

also if you liked it and be sure to subscribe because each

On Tuesday of textures we published a new video, so yes, if you want to see

more of me and my hair is making sure to follow me on Instagram for daily content

I know we’ll see you all very soon thank you for tuning in as always and staying

tuned for perhaps possibly a final review and / or a failed peace pattern what is

pattern is a group of geometric shapes is

the correlation of consecutive numbers and letters

they are actually both and it is also the new

Tracee Ellis Ross pattern Beauty Hair Care line celebrating textured hair

so let’s party Wow oh God when they cross it for so long, it’s okay..

Does Tracee Ellis Ross own pattern?

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, has moved into phase two of her major haircare brand, Pattern Beauty.

She launched Pattern Beauty, a hair care line for curly, coily and tight-textured hair, in 2019. On The Tonight Show, Ross said managing the line is a lot of work but “so much fun.”

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Hydration Shampoo + Leave-In & Heavy Conditioners + Jojoba Oil Hair Serum + Shower Brush + Microfiber Towel + Hair Clip

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For extra dense curls or long hair, section with PATTERN Hair Clip while conditioning to ensure every strand gets the love it deserves. Use PATTERN Shower Brush or fingers to help detangle & bring curls together.

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Are sulfate patterns free?

Although our products are not sulfate-free, they are free of SLS & SLES. Our products do not contain any harsh, hair-stripping solvents, and our Hydration Shampoo provides the gentle suds needed to get in there while scrubbing the hair and scalp to give you a good wash day!

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Back in September, Tracee Ellis Ross — the actress, Emmy winner, and former New York Magazine fashion intern — launched a hair-care line called Pattern for curly hair. Her goal, as she put it, was to “expand the aisle,” making more quality beauty products accessible to more women in the same way Rihanna did with Fenty Beauty.

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Products from Pattern Beauty can be bought individually or in bundles, like the Deluxe Bundle. Bundles come fully equipped for anything and everything you may need to tackle wash day, including a microfiber towel, shower brush, hair clip, spray bottle, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and hair serum.