“Pasta cosi! » : How to properly prepare a basil pesto sauce

A basil pesto is simple and delicious. And when it’s beautiful it’s even better. To achieve a house sauce rich in flavors and with a fluorescent green color, the executive chef of Eataly Paris Marais Fabrizio Cosso has a secret: in addition to selecting quality ingredients (basil fresh, pine nuts, garlic, pecorino romano and olive oil …) he keeps them carefully in the fridge until preparation. As well as the salad bowl and the mixer bowl that will be used in the recipe. And bonus: when mixing everything, he adds a few ice cubes. This is the best way to have a creamy, bright green sauce for your pasta . For 20 Minutes, he delivers his recipe exclusively on video as part of our new series “Pasta così ! ” on the pasta . Buon appetito!