“Partygate”: new revelations further overwhelm Boris Johnson

CONTINUED – Aperitifs were organized every Friday in Downing Street during confinement, the newspaper “The Mirror” said on Saturday, extending the list of accusations against the British Prime Minister.

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The list of charges against Boris Johnson is still growing. Stuck in a “partygate”, the curator of 55-year-old apologized to Parliament on Wednesday for his attendance at a rave party at his official residence on 10 Downing Street, in full confinement in May 2020. But other revelations have since surfaced including a party in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2020 which Elizabeth II had as a reminder attended alone because the rigor of the confinements.

Saturday, the newspaper The Mirror claims that every Friday Downing Street workers ended their working week by sharing glasses of wine, a “long-standing tradition”

which has continued despite the introduction of Covid-related restrictions prohibiting this type of meeting.

A refrigerator dedicated to alcohol bottles The newspaper specifies that the appointment was wedged in the electronic calendars of approximately 51 employees between 12h and 12h every week, that the staff had even invested in a refrigerator to keep their bottles of cold alcohol and that the Prime Minister was aware of these gatherings.

A spokesperson for Downing Street referred to the conclusions of an investigation carried out by a senior official who will have to determine whether Boris Johnson and his associates broke the rules at the various events.

“Sad show”

But anger is brewing, including in the conservative ranks of Boris Johnson who is fighting to stay in power. According to the newspapers, his supporters have been asked to praise his achievements, including the implementation of Brexit, and some of his aides will be asked to leave.

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Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer calls on him to resign . “We are witnessing the sad spectacle of a Prime Minister mired in deceit and trickery, unable to lead”, must he declare in a speech on Saturday.

But he has himself accused of hypocrisy over photos showing him having a beer with a small group of Labor workers in an office last May, at a time when indoor meetings were banned except in the professional setting. When the photo was first published last year, his party argued that Keir Starmer had not broken any rules because he was on a


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