Partial unemployment: the huge sum diverted by a well-structured network

Pixabay The various confinements and aid provided by the State for companies in order to face the Covid crisis – 19 have already inspired by the past of many crooks. But a new network, obviously very well structured, has been unearthed in the Great West, reports us France 3 Brittany . The Rennes public prosecutor revealed on Friday 15 December that an organization had committed numerous short-time work scams “involving companies domiciled in Rennes, Laval, Paris, Nantes and Vannes and managed by of the ‘straw managers’ “.

According to the information provided by the public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, the facts go back to 825. The DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment) at that time seized the Nantes prosecutor’s office after having noted fraud in the amount of 516. 417 euros for “partial unemployment scams proposed by the State in the context of the health crisis “. But the investigators went back even further and discovered this vast network, before opening a criminal investigation last April for “scams, attempted fraud by an organized gang, laundering of fraud by an organized gang, criminal association and violation prohibition to manage “, details France 3 Bretagne .

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Three defendants in detention In their viewfinder, a man well known to justice for acts of fraud. According to the public prosecutor, he had recourse to a forger to draft, among other things, company articles of association, bank documents, or even recruit nominees. In this case, the organization would have embezzled more than 2.7 million euros, but in total, the network would have embezzled the sum of 3, 29 millions of euros, before “leaving the money in accounts abroad “, clarified Philippe Astruc.

At the beginning of last week, the investigators carried out a large net in the Nantes region, arresting twelve people including three women. They are aged at 69 years, precise France 3 Brittany , and some were already known to the courts for acts of fraud. Of these twelve people, seven were released and five others were put on examination. Three were imprisoned. The defendants face up to ten years in prison and fines of up to 19. 000 euros. The gendarmes also seized several thousand euros.

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