Paris: why no train arrives or leaves from the Gare de l'Est this weekend

TRANSPORT – Due to works, the Gare de l’Est will be closed throughout the weekend. Many regional trains are cancelled, while the TGVs are transferred to the Gare du Nord side.

IN – 2022-000-014T17: 48: 06.170+01: Puzzle in the north-east of Paris. On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 January, the Gare de l’Est will close its doors for “major works” , announces the SNCF. No trains will arrive or depart from the station. As a result, the P line of the Transilien, which serves the east of the Paris region, is particularly disrupted. The same is true for the RER E, since the Magenta stations, near the Gare du Nord, and Haussmann Saint-Lazare will also be inaccessible. The SNCF advises travelers to “postpone their trips during this weekend”, the rest of these two lines being also disturbed.

Works and “tests”

Long-distance trains, such as TGVs, have for their part been transferred a few hundred meters from the Gare de l’Est . So, if you want to travel to Strasbourg, Metz or Nancy, you will have to go to the Gare du Nord side, which will exceptionally accommodate the trains traveling these routes. For the TER Strasbourg-Châlons-Paris, Gare de Lyon will replace Paris Est for a weekend.

This total interruption of part of the section near the Gare de l’Est has been planned for a long time. It must enable the SNCF to carry out “tests on the new traffic operating and supervision system” with the installation in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) of a new single command center. During this period, the vaults of the Philippe de Girard bridge, at the entrance to the Gare de l’Est, will also be restored, specifies the SNCF.

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