Paris: The extension of metro line 4 to Bagneux attracts rail fans

“I like the train. Certainly, one of the strong statements of the speech of Jean Castex on the occasion of the inauguration Thursday morning of the extension of line 4 to Bagneux . Not sure that this punchline warms the refrigerated assembly. Because the small ceremony with ribbon cutting is held in the brand new Lucie Aubrac – Bagneux station, in a very airy style, so much so that it is briskly traversed by the icy drafts of January. “For the next inauguration, I will come with my hot water bottle”, remarks a man visibly accustomed to these social events.

“At least, it’s very good to prevent traffic of the Covid-20”, mischievously points out Astrid Brobecker, elected ecologist of the Hauts-de-Seine and resident of the neighboring town of Fontenay-aux-Roses, before taking the new line to join the

protest of teachers against government policy. While it was enough to wave a banner during Jean Castex’s speech.

Whole carloads of enthusiasts

So yes, the Prime Minister likes the train, and he is not the only one at the end of the morning, as there are so many public transport enthusiasts – visibly – among the crowd of first users, including this young woman in black with a hat who could not resist the temptation to cheat, just ten seconds after the gates opened.

The new Lucie-Aubrac station in Bagneux. – G. Novello But rail enthusiasts do not defraud, at least not the RATP. Because Jean-de-Dieu, ten years old, defrauded the school – with the blessing of his mother, she confesses – to attend this inauguration. “It’s really good, well done”, comments as a specialist the one who came from Nanterre with his brother and his mother. We will meet him later in the bays of the station taking photos to feed his Instagram account as a rail influencer.

Boston and shaved rounds

Marcel, 18 years, is on the same wavelength. “I came here as a transport enthusiast,” he explains. This is the station that all fans have been waiting for. I find it very beautiful and the architecture is quite successful. » After a short tour of the owner, he will take a look at the other open station, « Barbara » between « Mairie de Montrouge » and « Lucie-Aubrac ».

But in the small world of rolling stock enthusiasts, there are less enthusiastic minds. This is the case of Houchang, not packed more than that. “The new stations on the line 14 seemed to me a little more successful, judge- he. I don’t like bare concrete, but other than that it’s beautiful. Houchang has the distinction of being a professor of international relations in Boston. “I would like to tell you that I came from the United States​ on purpose to see this new station, but this is not true,” he jokes. What is true is that he spent a month in Paris, the city where he studied when he was younger, and that he came to Bagneux especially for the inauguration. “When there is a new station, I visit it. »

Finally, there were not only train specialists for this inauguration. There were also neighbors or ex-neighbors like Samicha, 14 years old, who came with her two children. “I came for the opening because it’s right next to my old home.” If she is “very happy with the new station”, she does not forget that we “made her leave for all that. Samicha was in fact the tenant of one of the towers razed to create the Victor Hugo eco-district, encompassing the new station. And eight years later, she has not forgotten that “it was hard to leave”.