Orange Bank: how to get 80 € by opening a bank account?

In June 2017, the CEO of Orange Bank, Paul de Leusse reminded us how it is “irritating to see a bank charge fees for reasons that we do not understand” . This is all the more true since we know that more than 34% of French people believe they lack the money to live satisfactorily (Vivavoice study for Crédit Coopératif).

Faced with this observation, the historical telecom operator launched at the end of 2017 in finance for individuals. With Orange Bank, the group wanted to offer a simple, transparent and accessible daily banking solution. If its range has gradually grown, it is still very readable. Its free plan is attractive, but its premium card is even more so – we explain.

Innovative mobile banking

Free payments and withdrawals abroad

5% reimbursed at Orange

Compatible Apple Pay



Why choose the premium card?

By going to the page of home of the Orange Bank site, there is a range with three formulas: the standard card, the premium card and the premium pack . If the latter arrived much later (and is an offer for the family), the first two cards are available from the beginning. Mobile banking is playing stability to reassure a public exasperated by the repeated changes in price schedules.

On the price, there is immediately a difference between the standard card and the premium card . The first is free while the second costs 4, 80 euros per month (then 7, 80 euros per month after the sixth month). This difference is however justified by the additional services, insurance and guarantees associated with the premium card.

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This last offer for example 5% exclusive cashback on all Orange purchases and invoices , insurance and guarantees worthy of a Gold Mastercard (especially on car rentals, travel, etc.), priority customer service and above all free payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world . If you travel regularly, this premium bank card is obvious.

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There is however a common basis between these two cards: you will be able to view your balance in real time (on the application or via the web portal), pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay (mobile), have strong authentication for your online purchases or even block (and unblock) your card online. Orange Bank has modeled itself on the best neo-banks to offer an experience fluid and efficient.

An easy bonus to get To support you on the premium card, Orange Bank offers you a significant financial advantage. In this case, this high-end card allows you to access a bonus up to 80 euros for opening the account . This bonus is broken down into two parts, one of which is reserved exclusively for customers of the operator Orange.

First of all, anyone who will open an account and use their premium card at least 10 times the first month will receive a first payment of 40 euros. The second part, 30 euros, will be paid only to Orange customers who have set up the debit of an Orange invoice from their new Orange Bank account. Remember that Orange customers do not need to send all the usual documents to open an account with Orange Bank: the procedure is done in a few clicks .

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For a long time, neo-banks were seen as the “second account to make savings ”in the words of Paul de Leusse, CEO of Orange Bank. This vision is however changing and the figures on multi-banking speak for themselves. Knowing that 65% of French people interested in neo-banks would be ready to make them their main bank, Orange Bank has played the diversification card.

It is for this reason that the online banking has set up a range of products around its bank card to meet the needs of its audience. With various credits (personal loan, car, work) and a savings book , it allows anyone to make it a main bank account – without any obligation.