Opinion | Company health pass: the choice of trust

Posted on 22 Dec. 2021 at 15: 30 Updated on 22 dec. 2021 at 15: 46

By renouncing the inclusion of the corporate health pass in the bill that will be presented to Parliament on January 5, the government is taking an act of confidence. This is the second time in a few weeks that he has made this choice since he had already avoided the mandatory return to telework last November. Of course, that could be called into question by amendments and we dare not imagine that such a step would be prepared. It would be an act of defiance and a form of denial of responsibility that companies have shown for almost two years now, by taking their part in the fight against this pandemic. It would also be a mistake.

Establishing discrimination between employees by making the employers bear the de facto responsibility would only add to the risk of social tension that we keep at bay but which could arise. Certain union organizations do indeed intend to combine the fight against the virus and demands of different kinds. They undoubtedly imagine that a large-scale social movement would disrupt one while ensuring the success of the other. It would also be a mistake, because the functioning of companies would therefore be triply affected.