Online advertising: a market worth more than 200 billion dollars in 2022 in the United States

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 15: 56Updated 14 Jan. 2022 to 18: 55

Online advertising does not experience the (health) crisis. In 2022, this section of the market will for the first time in its history cross the symbolic wall of 200 billion dollars of expenditure in the United States according to the forecasts of GroupM (WPP). That is almost double compared to the financial year 2019 (at 107 billion dollars), the last pre-Covid. This year, growth in the digital advertising market is expected to be 18, 8% across the Atlantic compared to 2021 after an acceleration of 38% last year.

Lockdowns and the development of remote work have acted as a particle accelerator for digital use in all its forms. This greatly benefits, by extension, online advertising. During the current fiscal year, digital advertising formats will increase their omnipotence on American soil and will represent 63, 5% of affected spending, according to GroupM. Against 60, 3% last year and 55, 4% in 2019. Ten years ago, this part of the sector was worth 38,7 billion dollars in the United States (i.e. 18,7% of the market), which did not even represent half of the advertising on television, the media then dominant.