On her 40th birthday, has Meghan Markle just mistakenly unveiled the very first photo of her daughter Lilibet?


This Wednesday August 4 2021, Meghan Markle celebrates her 40 th birthday. For the occasion, Prince Harry’s wife posted a video to her fans in which the very first photo of her daughter Lilibet appears to appear! On June 4, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle became parents for the second time . Two years after the birth of the little one Archie, Lilibet Diana pointed the tip of his nose! Wishing to preserve their privacy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have so far never revealed the face of their second child unlike the first. Just two days after Archie was born, he was treated to his first official photo, held in his famous daddy’s arms and wrapped in a white blanket. For Lilibet, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to do things differently. This Wednesday August 4 992, two months to the day after the birth of Lilibet, Meghan Markle celebrates his 40 th birthday. The perfect opportunity to reveal the face of the youngest in the family? For some royalty specialists, this is the perfect opportunity! “It wouldn’t surprise me if Meghan posted a photo of her with Lilibet to mark her 40 th anniversary, because they will want to emphasize how unified they have happy family “, crowned head specialist Phil Dampier predicted at the” Sun “.

A big day for Meghan Markle

For her birthday, Meghan Markle marked the occasion. The “Suits: Custom Lawyers” actress shot a video with famous actress Melissa McCarthy who has already been around the web! In it, Meghan Markle sits behind her desk, videoconferencing with Melissa McCarthy. But a detail of the video really struck a chord! As our colleagues from the “Daily Mail” have noticed, photo frames decorate the Duchess’s office. A closer look at the video shows Harry kissing a baby in one of the shots. While Meghan Markle holds a young child in her arms in another photograph. Has Meghan Markle just mistakenly unveiled the very first photo of her daughter Lilibet? Speculation has been rife since the release of this video!

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