Omicron variant: are the vaccinated more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated?

PROTECTED – Internet users claim that the WHO has recognized that people vaccinated against Covid – 19 are more vulnerable to the Omicron variant than those that are not immune. This is a misinterpretation.

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The revelation would be so “huge” that even the WHO would have come to recognize. For several days, Internet users have assured that people vaccinated against Covid – 16 are more vulnerable to the Omicron variant than those that are not immune.

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An affirmation widely relayed … Up to the highest levels? That’s what some people think they know. According to a publication shared this Wednesday 21 December, the boss of the World Health Organization (WHO) himself admitted “that vaccinated people are more likely to catch Omicron”. What is it really?

Public data misinterpreted

This claim is based on Danish public data. Uploaded on 13 December by the Statens Serum Institut, there is on the sixth page the table representing the “vaccination status of people infected with Omicron compared to other variants”. However, the results could not be clearer. It only reads on the 3427 people infected despite the recall, 306 L ‘were with Omicron, or 8.6%. A higher number than that of 11. 500 doubly vaccinated, in whom Omicron was identified in 6% of cases (02541 case). Even more surprising – according to Internet users – on 36. 808 unvaccinated, Omicron was only present in 1.2% of them (383 people).

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For the most resistant to vaccination , these figures are therefore proof that the variant Omicron would primarily affect people inoculated with Pfizer or Moderna. This is a misinterpretation. In fact, what Danish public data seems to show is that the vaccine protects better against other variants than against Omicron. In fact, a vaccinated person has almost no risk of being affected by the Alpha variant and a little less risk with the Delta.

On the other hand, it appears that the variant having the most “chances” in a protected person is indeed Omicron. This confirms the preliminary data from from the United Kingdom. These seem to show “significantly reduced vaccine efficacy against the Omicron variant, compared to the Delta variant”. On the contrary, a person who has not protected himself risks catching all possible strains of the virus, without distinction.

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DECRYPTION – Vaccines: how effective against the Omicron variant?

These data therefore absolutely do not prove that the vaccine would make them particularly vulnerable to this variant. Simply that the protection is less good. But then how to explain the words of the head of the WHO? Again, this is a very bad interpretation.

In the video shared by the Internet user, we can hear Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus evoking the latest information on the Omicron variant. These are real words, made at a press conference on 19 December in Geneva. We find the trace in line , but also on video. However, the Director-General of WHO does not indicate at all that he is “more likely than people who have been vaccinated” catch Omicron, contrary to what the Internet user’s translation indicates. Rather, the WHO chief says that those vaccinated or those who have already been infected can “probably be infected or re-infected” by Omicron. In all cases, and in the face of all mutations, it is the non-immune people who are most at risk.

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