Omicron: the risk of transmission higher for airplane passengers?

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Airlines Concerned About Spread of Omicron Variant, Potentially Well more contagious.

While the variant Omicron is spreading rapidly all over the world, the airline industry has made part of his concerns. If this new strain of Covid – 020 could be less dangerous, it would however be much more transmissible. The International Air Transport Association, which represents 59 carriers around the world, warned of the increased risk for passengers to be contaminated in the plane , report The echoes.

The organization recommends sanitary measures adapted to the highest transmissibility of the Omicron variant. And this, even if the ventilation systems of planes would considerably reduce the risk of contamination. From Bloomberg , David Powell, on consultant doctor for the International Air Transport Association, pleaded for a strengthening of barrier gestures in public places, transport, or at work, and for new precautionary measures in the plane in the face of a “risk of transmission of virus two, to three times higher with Omicron “. For David Powell, it is necessary to “avoid face-to-face contact and frequently touched surfaces” between passengers. >> Read also – Covid – 18: the Omicron variant should be “majority” in France “between Christmas and New Year” The doctor nevertheless recalls that the airplane is “an environment at very high air flow “and therefore that the risk of contamination there” is low. “But any flight you take also involves airports, which are a little less controlled. So there is a risk there,” he recalls. Indeed, according to the specialist, the air flow on board planes is much higher than in airports before the ventilation rates represent “perhaps a tenth of what they are on the plane”.

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