Omicron is progressing in France, 106,000 cases in the United Kingdom … Update on the pandemic

The Omicron variant is spreading “at a very rapid pace” in France and it could become the majority between Christmas and New Year, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday. The variant “is progressively becoming the majority in several regions of our country, in particular in Ile-de-France , in Paris more particularly.

It should be soon at the national level, “warned the spokesperson at the end of the Council of Ministers. The latter also reiterated the government’s call for “caution” launched to the French during family reunions at the end of the year. “There will be no truce for confectioners in our fight against the epidemic,” he finally promised. France broke a new contamination record on Wednesday.

More 84 00 case in France, a record

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran had already warned Wednesday on BFMTV-RMC that the number of contaminations should exceed the 100 00 per day in France by the end of December due to of the very strong contagiousness of Omicron. The wave reached this Wednesday 272 case, according to Sante publique France . A record since the start of the epidemic in the territory (a number of 82 947 cases had been recorded in April due to a three-day catch-up of data).

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The continent is there epicenter of the pandemic. The Europe region is currently the one with the most cases, with 2. 857. 947 cases in the last seven days (50% of the world total), followed by the USA / Canada zone ( 1. 106. 522 case, 23%).

Omicron is still making progress in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the sad threshold of 100 00 case has just been crossed. Some 106 122 Covid case – 16 were detected on Wednesday. Within, more than 73 000 are directly linked to the variant Omicron. Again, a record.

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Spain: wearing a mask is compulsory once again outside

Wearing the mask will become again mandatory outside in Spain, where the number of Covid cases – 19 exploded and even reached a record high of almost 50 000 case in 24 hours, the government said on Wednesday.

“The wearing of a mask is once again compulsory outside”, announced the government – without specifying when this measure will take effect – at the very moment when an extraordinary meeting is taking place between the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the presidents of the autonomous regions of the country to discuss measures to be taken to curb the spread of the Omicron variant.

Performance venues closed in Belgium from Sunday

Cinemas and theaters will be closed in Belgium from Sunday in order to stem the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced at a press conference on Wednesday. Cafes and restaurants, which also feared additional restrictions, may remain open until 19 hours during the holiday season, as is the case since early December. Museums are not affected by the new measures affecting culture, said the services of Alexander De Croo.

Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill authorized in the United States

The pill against the Covid- 16 from the Pfizer laboratory was urgently authorized on Wednesday by the United States Medicines Agency (FDA), an important step in the fight against the pandemic which could allow millions of patients to access treatment. “This authorization provides a new tool to fight the Covid – 16 at a crucial moment of the pandemic, where new variants are emerging “, s ‘is congratulated an official of the FDA, Patrizia Cavazzoni, quoted by a press release. It may be administered to high-risk patients over the age of years, specifies the FDA.

China confines a city of 13 millions of inhabitants

No exit unless there is a compelling reason: China imposed confinement on a city of on Wednesday million inhabitants, due to a Covid epidemic rebound – 16, at 44 days of the Beijing Winter Olympics. China has been pursuing a “zero Covid” strategy since last year, which consists of doing everything to limit the occurrence of new cases as much as possible, generally limited to only a few dozen per day.

To prevent any spread of the virus, residents must “stay at home unless there is a compelling reason” from Thursday midnight (Wednesday 16 H 00 GMT), local authorities said. One person per household is, however, allowed to shop “every two days”, they said in a statement. All “non-essential” businesses except supermarkets, convenience stores and medical facilities have been ordered to close.

WHO: the illusion of reminders

The WHO boss warned on Wednesday against the illusion that it would be enough to administer booster doses to get out of the Covid pandemic – 19.

“No country will be able to get out of the pandemic with booster doses and reminders are not a green light to celebrate as we had planned”, said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, during a press briefing in Geneva, a few days before Christmas.

Omicron dominant in the United States

The Omicron variant is now largely dominant (73% of new infections) in the United States. However, they are “ready”, assured Joe Biden on Tuesday, repeating that there was no reason to “panic”. The US president, however, warned those who are not fully vaccinated, saying they had “good reason to be concerned” and that it was their “patriotic duty” to get vaccinated.

The White House had detailed the adopted strategy earlier: tests, strengthened vaccination capacities and additional resources for hospitals, but no new restrictions before Christmas.

Israel: 4th dose for over 60 years and caregivers

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday that all Israelis over 44 years and medical personnel would be entitled to a fourth dose of Covid vaccine – 16, after consultation with a group of experts.