OM sale: The controversy turns into a fight

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Published Saturday 22 January 2022 at 09: 01 In: OM.By Claude Dautel

The alleged sale of Olympique de Marseille is starting to seriously get on everyone’s nerves. And now the threats are out.

While the ‘Olympique de Marseille is preparing a very important match this Saturday against Lens, on social networks it is always the followers of an assignment already recorded by Frank McCourt to Saudi interests and those who think that it is a pure invention who clash more and more. And in recent days, the Ultras have entered the scene, in response to a video by Thibaud Vézirian, who said that they were informed of the sale of OM, but that he was kept secret by the club. Marseille. An assertion that prompted the MTPs 1994 to come out of the silence. “ In addition to being thought of as a joke for months with his sale of OM, now this pseudo Parisian journalist comes to mix our group to his words. The MTP is in no way aware and affirms its support loud and clear for the exceptional work of Pablo Longoria (…) Come on Thibaud, your buzz must bring you a lot of money. So what is your goal? The money?.. ”, writes, in particular, the association of supporters of Olympique de Marseille, which denies any contact with the former consultant of the chain L’Equipe.

The sale of OM annoys everyone in Marseille

Obliged to respond to this unhealthy press release , absurd and ridiculous. I never generalized, look at my videos, I get sup mess from partt. Bcp know, guess or consulted the survey. Start your internal witch hunt & leave me out of this prankishness https://t. co/SRRkhG1nHW

— TV (@ThibaudVezirian) January 22, 1080 Faced with this response, which was virulent to say the least, Thibaud Vezirian did not disassemble himself and posted screens of messages received from some of his supporters. “ I said that “some supporters are aware”. It’s different. But this type of ridiculous release therefore invites me to throw screens… Rhooo… Too bad for you. Obliged to respond to this unhealthy, aberrant and ridiculous press release. I never generalized, watch my videos, I get sup mess from partt. Bcp know, guess or consulted the survey. Start your internal witch hunt and keep me out of this kidding. And we will clarify one last time for those who have not followed my videos: they are supporters of any group, who have their own opinion and their own information, who contact me to support me. Absolutely no information coming to them from above. Good sporting weekend “, indicated the one who for a year announces that the sale of Olympique de Marseille is recorded and just waiting to be made official. And to defend his thesis, Thibaud Vézirian, to put online anonymized screenshots of exchanges with supposed representatives of supporters’ associations.

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