OM: Bakambu explains why he said yes to Longoria and reassures him about his form

The day after his signing in Marseille for two and a half years, Cédric Bakambu was presented to the media this Friday. The Congolese striker, who made a point of recalling his nickname (“Bakagoal”), did not evade any question.

“Do you know what they call me in Kinshasa? called Bakagoal! This is the nickname that has followed me throughout my career.” OM’s new recruit, Cédric Bakambu immediately announced the color this Friday during his presentation to the press. At 30 years old, the ex-Villarreal striker had been free since 30 December and the end of his adventure with the Chinese club Beijing Guoan. He signed a contract running until June 30.

“I know what Marseille represents, here in France, but also in Africa, because I am Congolese. There is great enthusiasm around this club. I liked the president’s speech, we have known each other for quite a few years. After talking with the coach, the president, my representatives and my family, I made this decision”, he explained to justify his choice to come to Marseille. Fan of the player, Pablo Longoria had already spotted him during his Sochaux years. And he knows that Bakambu has this ability to adapt which can allow him to quickly understand Jorge Sampaoli’s playing philosophy.

Not afraid of Marseille pressure

Mobile centre-forward, able to play in several positions, the former French international under 19 years considers himself “a fast attacker, who likes depth, verticality”. “Faults, we all have them. I have a few points to work on, I’m not the best striker in the world, but I hope to bring all my qualities to the benefit of the collective. (…) I spoke with the coach, twice. As I told him, no matter the position, the most important thing is that the team performs. I will play hard, put my abilities to the good of the collective”, he insisted.

Although he hasn’t played for a club since August (his last selection date back to November, editor’s note), he wanted to reassure Marseille supporters about his physical condition. “I am a professional football player, I maintained myself, I kept in shape and I have a very nice staff who take care of me today,” he said. He did not escape questions about his Ile-de-France past either. “Is PSG my favorite club? Everyone knows that I was born in Vitry-sur-Seine, today I’m an OM player, I’m happy. The pressure? followed all my career, I like the pressure, it makes us move forward. I am proud to wear my new colors”, he replied.

The one who chose to wear the number 13 (“Yesterday, we were the 13 , we’re in the 13… I said let’s go, I’m an instinct player!”) will have to wait a little longer before making his debut with OM. His contract has not yet been approved by the Professional Football League, he will miss the shock against Lille on Sunday at the end of the 30 day of Ligue 1 .