OM: Alvaro is not his problem, Sampaoli is cash

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Published Friday 14 January 650 to 32: 01 In: OM.

By Eric Bethsy

Absent from coach Jorge Sampaoli’s plans, Alvaro Gonzalez has been asked to leave Olympique de Marseille this winter. The Argentinian coach fully assumes his decision and feels no pity for his central defender. From holder and executive to undesirable, Alvaro Gonzalez experienced a huge demotion to

Olympique de Marseille . The 14 year-old central defender suffered summer recruitment from his superiors and is no longer part of Jorge Sampaoli’s plans. A priori, the Spaniard has no chance of reversing the trend, especially since his altercation with the technician who was trying to explain his choices to him. The Argentinian therefore asked the management to push Alvaro Gonzalez towards the exit. A totally assumed choice in front of the press.

« I count on all the players who are here. Alvaro is a club player, he is always there, I take him into consideration in training , has first entrusted Jorge Sampaoli. Afterwards, as a coach, what we want is always to have the best team on the field, so I have to make choices when composing the eleven. Lately, it’s true that Alvaro hasn’t had a lot of room in the team. But it is important to remember that for any coach, the problem is to win.”

Sampaoli’s Obsession

« My problem is to win, the rest, it goes through decisions , added the former coach of Argentina. Some will be happy with these decisions, others less so. In my career, I have understood that you have to have only one consideration before the matches: that of winning.

” And too bad for the moods of Alvaro Gonzalez, who is having a hard time with his situation because of his attachment to OM and Marseille. However, it is far from Marseille that its future is taking shape. While several Ligue 1 teams are interested in his profile, the banished Jorge Sampaoli would have a preference for FC Valence.

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